Free and Discounted Books by Rachel E. Rice

To celebrated the summer months, beginning May 1, 2014, I’m discounting most of my books. The first book in a series will be free and the remaining books in the series will sell for .99. Books at Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and the affiliates will be discounted to these prices. Books on Amazon cannot fall below .99, however, Amazon may follow the price change for free books. Nevertheless, my erotic series(The Incredible Mr. Black; Temptation In Black; Submission To Black)  will be priced at .99 for the summer months. My new adult novella, “Finding Summer” will not be discounted until June 2014 when a second book in the stand alone book series will be introduced.   Enjoy. Happy Reading!

Link to purchase “Finding Summer”

Link to purchase “Finding Summer”

“Finding Summer” is a sweet love story of teenagers who meet and fall in love at first sight. Because Summer is constantly moving from city to city, there is little time to fall in love, but she does and it’s with a handsome football jock, name Jackson. Summer moves to Texas and both she and Jackson are left hurting and trying to find each other.