A Bride For A Werewolf Books 1 2 3 Free on Amazon Feb. 6,2017


When the Super Bowl is over, and you’ve settle down and ready to step out of the real world and into the world of Fantasy where truth and facts don’t exist, all you need is your imagination to step into my Fantasy world.

If you’re in Amazon’s library, you can read all three books now for free.

However, on February 6 to the 7th my fans can get all three short books (A Bride For A Werewolf) for free for their library on Amazon on Monday and Tuesday (Feb 6 and 7). Enjoy! Click below. If you enjoy this series please leave a review.

Book 1                        Book 2                               Book 3      

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Damon in Moonscape Published

Happy New Year. I will inform you of another group of free Science Fiction and Fantasy books on Instafreebie. Look for the newsletter.

Damon in Moonscape is published. You can get it for $2.99 for a short time. It’s the 10th book in the Insatiable Series. You don’t have to read the Insatiable werewolf books in order, but you should read the first three or four books in each section. To pay less try the box sets. Enjoy.


On January 9th through January 13, 2017 there will be free a Science Fiction and Fantasy

giveaway. Look for an email.damon_copy-jpg2-jpg2  My giveaway of Damon is only for chapters 1 and 2. To purchase the entire book go to the vendors above.

More Free Science Fiction and Fantasy Books

If you can’t get enough Science Fiction and Fantasy Books, here is a new round of free books for you to fill up your EReaders . Click here and browse then select your books. If you’re looking for something different go to Instafreebie starting Dec. 12-18. However, you can get them now. Enjoy. Look below for more information about my books. Remember Rachel E Rice books are for matured adults 18 and over.



Don’t forget to pick up Tracker#8 for free  if you haven’t already. My free giveaway will end December 18, 2016. So if you’re reading my Insatiable series and you want to keep up with these hot Samsa werewolves, look for Tracker. Next in series Book 9 Thorn. Enjoy!

Coming soon in the Insatiable series is “Damon.”



At Amazon “Moon Tide” book 6 Reduced to .99 for a short time


You can still get Hunter’s Moon for free, on Instafreebie without a code, as part of a new set of Science Fiction and Fantasy books giveaway. If you haven’t claimed your copy of Hunter’s Moon it’s still available. And you can get “Moon Tide” book 6 for 0.99 on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, and Kobo for a limited time. Starting now until the end of November you can get a starter library for your Ereaders. Tell your friends and please leave a review.

Rachel E Rice’s Insatiable Werewolf book 9 Thorn: Moonscape; Published


“Thorn,” book 9 is published, and will be available to my readers for $2.99. This offer will last for a week, and at the end of it the price will go up to 3.99 for a newly published book.  You can find book 9 “Thorn” for the price of $2.99 at:

Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, Kobo, Smashwords,  All Romance eBooks, Scribd,  and where all Ebooks are sold. If you purchase your books at AllRomance eBooks, all books in the Insatiable Werewolf series are half price.

Remember my books are for matured adults 18 and over.

The next books in the Insatiable Series may be delayed because I’m working on “Fade To Black,” book 6 in the Blackstone series. I will send out a notice to readers who enjoyed the Blackstone series, and to those who might want to start reading those erotic romance books. I expect “Fade To Black” to be released before or after Christmas, or the first week of January 2017.

Beginning in January 2017 I will continue the Insatiable series which will have more books covering the lives of the Samsa werewolves. You will see the return of the Lion shifter, the Alaskan werewolves, and welcome three more of Lycell’s yearlings as well as the birth of Wilder and Adrienne’s pups.

My plans for 2017 are to write a  Vampire series. If that goes well, I will publish 3 novels for the summer, and continue with more books if the readership is there.

You can leave your opinion on my website if you’d like, or sign up for my newsletter.


Rachel E Rice’s Hunter’s Moon Box Set Published

“Hunter’s Moon” box set contains three stories with the just published “Moon Rapture” which will feature the yearling werewolf, Hunter Samsa. His loves and his difficult life becoming an adult werewolf will delve into the pain he endured in the wilds of Alaska and the love he sought and loss when he returned home. If you haven’t read these stories and you’re looking to save money, the box set is for you.

To discover all my Insatiable Werewolf books go to: Apple, Nook, Kobo, Amazon, Scribd and Google, and where all E books are sold.


Come along on his journey where his heart will break, his love for one female will end, and his new love will begin only to have that love snatched away by a mortal enemy. Hunter and the Samsa werewolf clan’s story will not end in book 7. There are more stories to come.

Hunter’s brother Tracker, by Adrienne and Lycell, has his own story and it will begin when he becomes a yearling ready to face the world, where two of his six brothers (Damon and Thorn) will be caught up in Tracker’s dark turbulent life because they are a family of werewolves and they follow the pack leader wherever he may go.

Remember, my books are for matured adults 18 and over. Coming Soon! Tracker book 8 and  Thorn book 9 and Damon book 10.


Tracker (1)Thorn_C2


Rachel E Rice’s Insatiable Box Set $4.99

If you like your werewolves hot and your story sizzling, then pick up the 4 book box set for $4.99 at the following retailers for a short time. The original price is $6.99. If you are discovering Rachel E Rice for the first time, try the first book in the Insatiable series for free at most E book vendors and Amazon.

The box set contains books 1-4 for $4.99. Books 5 and 6 are at regular price. Enjoy! Amazon   Barnes and Noble   Apple ITunes   Kobo  Google Play    If you discover that some prices hasn’t changed, you can use the Smashwords code for an epub. Smashwords Code: BP74S

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