Rachel E Rice in Vegas for a book signing event November 8, 2018

I’ll be at Sam’s Town, in the Sam’s Town Live! room on the main floor, in Las Vegas from 3-5pm on November 8th, and I hope to see you there! The address is: 5111 Boulder Hwy, Las Vegas, NV.

If you’re in the area come and say hi. I’m giving away a few signed books of my old and new series. There will be over 100 independent artists you may know, and prizes given away you will enjoy as readers. It cost $2.50 to gain entry.

All 1st in Series are Free “To Kill A Vampire” Series Published

To kill A Vampire by Rachel E Rice is complete. Book 3 is available for purchase. If you haven’t read the first books in my three series you can read them now at your favorite vendors or go to Prolific Works where you can download them in Mobi, PDF, or Epub. My books are for matured adults. If you are new to my writing, and you don’t like vampires, then I have 12 werewolf books in the Insatiable series, and 6 BDSM Erotic Romance in the Blackstone series. Enjoy! “Passion is a great love story.”

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I am the night book 1 picture I Am The  Night : Google  Apple  Barnes and Noble  Amazon Kobo  Scribd                                 Smashwords

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