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There are 9 books in the series. They are for matured adults 18 and over. Enjoy.
Reading list:

  1. The Lone Werewolf Finds His Mate (Free)
  2. A Werewolf’s Hunger
  3. A Werewolf’s Wedding
  4. The Werewolf’s Challenge
  5. Hunter’s Moon (Free)
  6. Moon Tide
  7. Moon Rapture
  8. Tracker
  9. Thorn
  10. Coming Soon: Damon in A Werewolf’s Passion



Excerpt From Final book in the Blackstone Series “Fade To Black”

These books are for adults 18 and over.


Fade To Black will be the final book in the Blackstone series, and it’s coming soon. This dark erotic romance series have loyal fans. I hope those of you who have read the series enjoy the book. I will continue writing the Werewolf series and start a brand new series the first week of January, 2017. Below is an excerpt from the book “Fade To Black.” If you think you want to read book 1, “The Incredible Mr. Black it’s free on Instafreebie.

Blackstone Series




 Copyright by Rachel E Rice 2016

Chapter 1

When Alexander Blackstone woke, she glanced around, blinked her eyes a few times, and tried opening her mouth. She felt different. Relaxed. Renewed. She admitted that this was perhaps the best feeling she has had in a long time with Max. No doubt he had outdone himself, she thought. She could tell because her body wasn’t tense and needy. She knew that feeling of lack of satisfaction and clearly her desire for an orgasm had been fulfilled.

Alex let out a sigh. She didn’t want this session with Max to end so soon. She would beg him to stay with her in bed and not go to his meetings before they head out to their home in Montana, and to their children patiently waiting for them. They had planned a trip to Colorado and they could get in some skiing where Maxim would have his first lessons on the slopes.

One more day was all she wanted with her beautiful husband. She understood her role as a mother, but she wanted just one more day with her fascinating and handsome husband, Mr. Black. She thought it was nothing wrong with having him to herself just this time because she had never had that opportunity before. There was his businesses that came before her and between them. Now she no longer had that barrier. He had promised her everything would be sold and he could be with her the way she wanted and had dreamed.

She tried raising her arms. Then she looked up at the ceiling. She didn’t recognize the light fixture in her bedroom. Maybe someone changed it when she was away visiting in New York. But this room reminded her of her high-rise apartment in Manhattan, with the high ceilings and crown moldings, large dazzling chandeliers setting in the middle of the ceiling.

Yes there was a large chandelier hanging in her New York apartment, but this one although large was different. And she had closed up the apartment. Max had sold the building and she and Max with the children had moved back to Montana.

She thought she had drank too much, but why was she in an apartment that reminded her of New York when she was suppose to be in Montana?

There wasn’t anything in her Montana home that reminded her of New York. The two homes were as different as night and day. Her Montana home in the middle of an isolated forest had redwood beams in the ceiling. Heated wood floors and a large fireplace in her bedroom.

She threw away everything that reminded her of New York except the children’s toys. She wanted to forget she was ever there. She wanted to forget what happened in New York.

Alex tried moving her head and body. Looking down, she noticed that the sheets were different. She slept on high count Egyptian sheets, but from what she could see, these sheets were satin. Black satin sheets. Still she thought maybe she was confused. Maybe the maid had gone against her wishes and decided to use the satin ones. Max preferred black satin sheets. He liked the feel and they were more conducive to his movement and to hers. But that wouldn’t account for the room with furniture she didn’t recognize. And she didn’t remember any of this. Not even sex with Max.

She only felt his presence in her body.

The bed was a large sleigh bed with polished dark wood and a large dresser and chest. It was obvious she wasn’t in their play room. She and Max’s playroom is filled with the latest gadgets that Max brought back from his visit to Asia. She moved her head searching for the cushioned tables she stretched out on, where he would tie her down, and seduce her body with his warm kisses before he would have his way with her, at her begging and pleading.

She turned her head and eyes to the left and to the right. She tried opening her mouth and it was strapped with leather and a ball in the center. And she couldn’t yell. She made a gurgling sound. She heard the shower. Soon she would see Max coming out of the shower, and she would scold him for letting her lay in this position all night, and for permitting her to drink too much and for taking her to one of his hotels. She would scold him for being over anxious because she felt sore in the front and in the back.

When the shower turned off, she waited for Max to come walking out with his large manhood still full, and she would play a game with him, and pretend she didn’t want him to take her and he would perform oral sex on her, and she would have another orgasm, and then he would untie her, and she would be well satisfied until the next time. And that was a clear indication that he would have to leave her and the children once more.

She waited and waited for him to saunter into the room and begin kissing her nipples. But nothing. There was a strained silence. Too much of a silence.

Where could he have gone and why would he do this? Was it to punish her for her misdeeds and her obvious attraction to Robert? Was it because of her conspiring with Jonas to cover up his involvement with the woman’s accidental death at his club? Her mind raced because she couldn’t imagine Max binding her to a bed this long, and then disappearing.

No that wasn’t like Max. Maybe he had to take a call on that damn phone that never gives them a break. He never shuts that fucking thing off, she thought.

Then Alex became annoyed. How could he leave her like this tied to a bed and her feet bound and a gag in her mouth? This is outrageous. She needed to go to the restroom.

She didn’t understand. Not one damn bit did she understand this. And to leave her like this. In a strange suite in one of his hotels. One she had never been in. She wondered how many of these hotels did he have. This one he would have to sell as soon as he untied her. She wasn’t enjoying this experience.

Time was running out and she had to make sure everything was removed from their New York apartment, and papers were signed to turn it over to the new owners.

She had to catch a flight and he had to leave too, and they would meet up in New York before they went back home together to Montana. He had meetings with his lawyers. When they would meet in New York, most of his hotels and businesses would be sold, they would return home, and start a new life with their children, and she would have that incredible handsome man to herself, and her children would have a father, not one who they happen to see on television or the newspapers.

Alex would have her living and breathing handsome man beside her at night.

She had been looking forward to the move. Getting out of New York had been at the top of her list since the death of Robert and the young Asian woman.

Now she remembered that Max would need to stop in San Francisco. Something about a problem with tenants at his Millennium Hotel. Then his trip would take him to the Orient and they would be home and together before the holidays. He would fly straight to New York after he had sold his business and help her with the apartment. But they weren’t in their apartment now and she didn’t remember anything that led up to her being nude and tied up in this strange place.

Alex strained to remember that Jonas flew to San Francisco to be with Crystal and their baby with the insistence from Max because of the mess Jonas created for Alex and Max.

She remembered Max shouting at Jonas in their apartment, “Under no circumstances will any of this happen again. I don’t want to talk about this, or hear about this anymore. And if for any reason you manage to do anything that will involve Alex, and anything else happens to you that you’ve created, I won’t be there to get you out of that mess. Because this is it. This is the last time, Jonas. I’m tired of covering up your crazy fiascos. You are toxic. I have children to think about.”

Jonas just stood there blinking his large blue eyes and raking his hand through his dark curls and then tugging at his shirt nervously. Jonas sat looking up at Max and Max standing looming over Jonas.

With Jonas’s hands shaking he stood and walked around the apartment in a nervous pace. Lit a cigarette with a gold lighter he didn’t recognize and stared at it as if wondering how it worked. Flicking it open and close until Max snatched it from his hands.

“Do you understand?” Max said his voice hard.

“I understand,” Jonas said confused, as if he was a small child being threatened by his father for playing too long at a friend’s house. Still not understanding the severity of the problems he had created for everyone.

Alex remembered all of this, but why doesn’t she remember being bound to a bed she didn’t recognize.

Then the door opened. The door positioned behind her with the bed facing a wall filled with silk beige curtains. She heard his footsteps on the wood floor. His stride long. She managed to turn her head and she caught the sight of him only up to his waist. He wore an expensive dark suit. The kind she had seen Max wear. And for a moment she thought it was him. He sauntered to the curtains and hit a button and the beige curtains slowly made a noise and they moved like a line of dominos falling to reveal the New York skyline.

There in a distance she could see the Chrysler building.

“This is fantastic isn’t it?” the man said. His voice husky and sexy. “I feel like a billion dollars this morning.” He stood leaning and looking out of the panoramic windows. He stood like a statue in one place and then he turned with a jerk.

He was tall, he was handsome, a square jaw and dark hair. His body impressive with a light blue shirt under an expensive dark blue suit. She could see him clearly now since the curtains were opened.

Alex’s eyes wide. She struggled to talk. She made a garbled distorted sound; a spitting sound almost choking. The man sauntered over to her and sat on the side of her in the bed. His eyes measuring and watching at her breasts, then wandering down to her groin and thighs. He leaned over to her as if he would kiss her and she turned her head, and he released the gag in her mouth.

“What are you doing to me, Robert?” She blinked her eyes nervously. “Max said you were dead,” she whispered as if she didn’t want to hear her own words. The man turned his head at an angle and looked at her with a cool smile.

“Of course Robert’s dead,” he said slow and measured as if he’s an actor rehearsing his lines trying to feel something.

“But who are you?” Alex said narrowing her eyes.

“Isn’t it obvious?” he said none threatening. He passed his finger over her forehead to push a single strand of long hair from her face. She flinched. “I’m his brother. His twin brother, Ross. And isn’t it ironic that Maximillian has a twin and he killed my twin. I wonder what he will say when he finds out. I wonder what he’ll say if I kill his twin?” The man’s voice calmed.

“You can’t do that. You can’t kill Jonas.”

“No I can’t. I’m not like your husband. And besides, Maximillian might thank me for it. But he won’t  when he finds out about you and me.”

“What is there to find out?”

“Just look at you, naked and beautiful, and in my apartment,” the man whispered staring down at her.

“I don’t remember any of this,” Alex said her voice trembling.



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Rachel E Rice’s Insatiable Werewolf book 9 Thorn: Moonscape; Published


“Thorn,” book 9 is published, and will be available to my readers for $2.99. This offer will last for a week, and at the end of it the price will go up to 3.99 for a newly published book.  You can find book 9 “Thorn” for the price of $2.99 at:

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Remember my books are for matured adults 18 and over.

The next books in the Insatiable Series may be delayed because I’m working on “Fade To Black,” book 6 in the Blackstone series. I will send out a notice to readers who enjoyed the Blackstone series, and to those who might want to start reading those erotic romance books. I expect “Fade To Black” to be released before or after Christmas, or the first week of January 2017.

Beginning in January 2017 I will continue the Insatiable series which will have more books covering the lives of the Samsa werewolves. You will see the return of the Lion shifter, the Alaskan werewolves, and welcome three more of Lycell’s yearlings as well as the birth of Wilder and Adrienne’s pups.

My plans for 2017 are to write a  Vampire series. If that goes well, I will publish 3 novels for the summer, and continue with more books if the readership is there.

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