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All there was left for Robert Butler to do was to leap into the clear blue silent sea and end his torment.

In the fall of 1740 a cargo ship built for trading with India and the Far East commanded by Captain Robert Butler sailed near the island of Sebastian in the Caribbean Sea. His special equipped ship served as a warship and cargo vessel. The East Indiaman was designed to withstand assaults from pirates and countries that were enemies of England. On Saturday morning the master mariner and marauding pirate sailed eastward. Once into port, Captain Robert Butler’s men would unload its cargo off the Gold Star, and there he would marry a young virgin by the name of Rachel.

Robert Butler stood on the deck of his ship and raised his head contemplating his fate. He inhaled a full breath of the sweet ocean air. His deeply tanned face caught the early rays of the morning sun through the mist, which lay like a blanket hovering over the water giving comfort. His clear deep brown eyes with specks of green glowed from sunburst striking his face. Robert’s shoulder length sun bleached hair from years of blazing summers spent in the tropics, flowed with the slight breeze, and swayed side to side caressing his sculptured dimpled youthful face.

His astonishing good looks made gossip in all the hamlets in England.

Robert’s status in society, and rank in the navy, showered a special arrogance that a man of his statue wore like a shield, protecting him from the common occurrences in life. Around the fires in the pubs and gentlemen country clubs, noble men informed him of the type of women he should possess; a woman of beauty and youth should be on his sunrise. Yet he disregarded their advice and found women who were older with sexual experience and techniques as more desirable, and far more appealing than a girl of seventeen.

Straightening his body, he stood more than six feet in his black boots. Robert again inhaled the smell of the sea as it waft through the air tantalizing his senses—it was that smell that haunted his dreams. The sea air reminded him of the fresh aroma of a woman. That scent visited his dreams each night and aroused his body to greater heights.

It was a smell of a woman—not a girl.

What would he want with a girl who would only cry for her mother? A girl who had never had the sexual experiences he required. A woman is free to give and receive all that he had to offer. Yet he found himself entered into a contract that would send him to an island and render him a married man.  The thoughts of ending his torment subsided and reality took hold. He would be married in a matter of hours and he could do nothing about it without cost to his family’s honor, which he had happily dishonored in the past.



Captain Robert Butler promised his heart to many women. One cold night as he sought respite in a nearby pub in Liverpool, he came across Lady Elizabeth Falstaff’s brother, Edward. Their eyes met through the gloom and smoke of the pub. Edward immediately recognized and proceeded to confront Robert about the promises of marriage given to his sister and the promises of marriage broken.

Captain Robert Butler a notorious womanizer had been known for bedding many young women and a few matured ones as well.  He promised them, seduced them, and presented them with diamonds, pearls and gold, then left them in their rumpled beds dreaming of him as he sailed on the next tide.

He calculated that enough time would pass and all would be forgotten and the women would eagerly receive him. Many times he was correct in his estimation.

Robert sat at a bleak wooden table with some of his men and spied Edward Falstaff standing at the end of the bar buying a round of drinks. On Edward’s second offer of cheers his eyes met Robert. He peered through a drunken maze and then tottered over to the round table that held a large lit candle and several flagons of beer and wine.

“Mr. Butler I have waited a year for this privilege.” Edward straightened the collar on his white silken laced shirt. Standing upright and preparing to repeat his statement, Robert lifted his eyebrow and glanced up at the gentleman drunk standing before him.

Robert’s raised eyebrow softened, “I’m sorry but I don’t think I know you sir.” Robert knew what he had done and under no circumstances would he acknowledge that he had ruined Edward’s sister. He would not acknowledge that he knew Elizabeth and that they had plan on marrying.  He believed that he once loved her but now she was an old memory he didn’t care to visit.

“Well perhaps you know my sister, Elizabeth.”

A small sigh crossed Robert’s lips. “I am certain that I have never made her acquaintance.” Robert turned to continue his conversation with his men.

Edward peered at Robert. “What is your name sir? I know I have made your acquaintance,” Edward said remembering that he was a gentleman.

“I assure you that I am not the person you are referring to,” Robert said crossing his finger behind his back and with his hand on his knife. Robert’s men did all they could do that was humanly possible to keep their posture and from shouting that indeed the infamous Captain Robert Butler had been recognized for the womanizer and scoundrel he is.

“I don’t mean to be unkind, but I am not at liberty to explain why I will not tell you who I am or my business for being here. You have ruined my night and I am at liberty to leave before the conversation becomes uncivilized.” Robert stood facing Edward toe to toe. Both are in their twenties, both are two eligible handsome bachelors, and both are rich. Edward, dark haired and standing an impressive six feet could not match Robert’s rugged sun tan skin and muscled hard body.  Edward a young man who never lifted anything as heavy as large tin flagon that held his daily drink.

“You have ruined my sister sir, and I am at liberty to avenge her honor.”

“I assure you I do not know your sister. And you are drunk,” Robert said and did not break a smile. Robert gave Edward a slight defiant bow, “I am leaving sir.” With a raised hand with palms facing the door, he signaled to his men to leave while never taking his eyes away from Edward.

Robert smile broke slow and deliberate, then he walked pass a drunken Edward Falstaff, spying the blade tucked in Edward’s boots, and said no more. Because Edward was not convinced that Robert was the right man, and perhaps feeling his drunkenness, he remained silent but no less defiant by his arrogant aristocratic demeanor. Confused, Edward turned and tottered back to the bar, and raised his flagon then putting it to his mouth. He took a long full drink.

After Robert and his men took their leave, an older gentleman who had seen the inside of too many taverns and drank too much wine spoke. “Consider yourself lucky Edward, that man was Captain Butler and he is a dead shot and a master with the short blade. It is a good thing that you did not call him out for a duel.” Edward put his head down and thought about what was said. Before he was sure that the Captain was the man that had promise to wed his sister. Now he could not be certain, and therefore, he considered the matter closed.

For Robert Butler it was one in many threats he had encountered in many months and years. He knew that one day leaving for the sea would not solve his problems. He would soon get caught and have to marry one of the many women he had bed. It was their bodies that held interests for him not their names or their ages. Now he was engage to marry a young woman whom he has yet to meet. He is dreading every minute of the day.

For a man of the sea, he awaited a fate as deadly as the plague—marriage.


“Captain Sir… pardon the interruption, but we are nearing the island.” Robert turned facing his first mate. Lost in his thoughts, he soon became attentive. The first mate raised his right hand and gave a respectful salute. Robert returned the salute.

“Yes…yes.” Robert Butler’s mind wandered.  Acknowledging that they were indeed close to the island, he firmly stated, “Have the helmsman take the steering and you control the lowering of the anchor. Lower the topsails. I have something to tend to before we reach the Port of Sebastian.”

“Yes sir. As you wish.” The exuberant first mate saluted again, then turned and strode away. It was his opportunity to take control of the ship and he had to prove his worth, if only for a few hours.

Robert made a quick stride to his cabin staring outward with his head facing downward into the open ocean, and wondering how it might feel to be married. His eye brow lifted and his mouth curled at the thought. He had sailed the oceans since he was a teenager and enjoyed its solitude. Foreign beauties from the islands of the Orient would bathe his body in precious oils and satisfy him with their erotic touch. The Horn of Africa was always inviting, where an array of sensuous women were his treasure trove, where just gazing on their dark naked skin would open him up to untold desires.

Nearing twenty five, Captain Robert Butler desired something more. He had promised his mother and father the Duke and Duchess of Marlborough that he would take a bride, to which he agreed to trade his freedom to secure his inheritance.


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Chapter 1


There were three Earls in Ireland in 1790, but there was only one Elizabeth O’ Sullivan.

Her curly strawberry blond hair hung past her breasts and down to her tiny waist. Freckles dotted her cheeks and her flawless, soft, delicate shoulders. Her eyes were blue green like pools of fresh water. Her lips were full with a natural red, the color of a rich newly picked cherry, and when she smiled, she brought warmth to all in her presence. Some thought that Elizabeth was the most beautiful girl in all of Ireland.

It was whispered that she was the prettiest child anyone had ever seen. The English lords and ladies would travel across oceans to compare her to their children or someone they knew, and all would agree that there were none in England or Ireland that could compare to Elizabeth’s beauty, innocence, and grace.

Had she been born into royalty, her beauty would have been priceless, but she was born into poverty and her beauty was only something of an oddity. Yet she could command what ever her station in life gave because she was as innocent as she was lovely. She was like a rare bird. People would stop and stare in amazement.

The only daughter in a family of many sons, Elizabeth delighted in cooking and looking after her seven brothers. Her brothers worked at the nearby castle, where they farmed and tended to the Earl of Tyrone’s vast number of animals and land. When she became a young woman of sixteen, her eldest brother informed the Earl’s son, Colum, a man of twenty-three, that he had invited their sister to work as a kitchen maid in his castle.

Colum had seen Elizabeth briefly when she was fourteen. He was a man of twenty when he first noticed her. Elizabeth remembered that day as well. She first laid eyes on the dark haired blue eyed Colum O’Neal the morning after her name day. A perfect specimen of youth and manhood with his strong perfect jaw and wonderful exciting face adorned with dancing blue eyes and a mouth with perfect white teeth that weakened Elizabeth’s youthful body and resolve when he smiled at her.

One cold spring morning a blanket of fog covered the surrounding hamlet where Elizabeth had set up a vegetable and fruit stand on the outskirts of Dublin. As Colum rode closer, she saw the figure of a man and the outline of his gray steed with a black and gold saddle. His servants and guardsmen hung close behind as he led the parade in an eastward direction.

The fog began lifting as the sun beat its way through the clouds. When Elizabeth lined a row of fruit and vegetables from her mother’s garden, she set the stand near a dirt road to attract rich gentlemen who traveled in coaches and on horseback. If anyone owned a horse, they were indeed nobility, and if they wanted fruit for their table, she could sell to them without haggling for the price.

Elizabeth picked a large fresh melon to display when it slipped from her hands and rolled into the path of the coming steeds. She chased after the lost melon, but she did not see the gray horse cross her path until it reared up, and its hoofs came plowing down. Colum quickly controlled the reins and diverted the horse to a ditch.

The stallion stood on its hind legs causing Lord Colum to tumble off the horse and land directly in front of Elizabeth. Elizabeth rushed to help him to his feet.

“I am sorry mi Lord it was my fault,” Elizabeth said with her eyes lowered and head bowed. “I am at fault, please forgive me,” she repeated. “Please sir, do not blame my family because I am so clumsy.” Her head remained bowed as Colum glanced at her, taking in her beautiful childish face and manner.

Colum standing with a slow soft smile gazed at her. He studied her face and was drawn to her body. He became enchanted by her glorious round face. He placed his hand to her chin and lifted it. His pulse quickened at the sight of the young girl whom he felt an intense and immediate attraction. He could not believe the warmth and arousal of his sexual feelings at just the sight of her stunning lips and bright green eyes.

The fullness of her natural red lips mesmerized him. His eyes moving to her breasts clearly showed that they were still forming, and one day they would be the delight of her husband. Colum resisted a strong urge to bed her because of her youth and her low-born status. He took a deep breath, staggered back, dropping his hand, and releasing her face. He gained his composure realizing that he could not control himself in her presence.

His castle guard glowered at Elizabeth because of Colum’s accident, and he stepped in front of Colum pushing her on to the hard ground.

Colum standing with his head erect and gazing long at Elizabeth, took off his riding gloves, turned to his servant, and slapped him for his cruelty. He placed his riding gloves on and handed her his gloved hand, and she took it.

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