Google Pre-Order Billionaire Erotic Blackstone Series Continues with book 7 “Back to Black”

If you love the Blackstone Billionaire Erotic Romance Series, by popular demand more books are coming. There are six books in the series, now. Book 7 “Back to Black” will publish on Jan. 29, 2020–everywhere EBooks are sold. You can pre-order this book by Rachel E Rice now at this site: Google.  Look for pre-orders later on Amazon,  D2D, and   Smashwords.  “Back to Black” will publish on Amazon in February, 2020. Try the boxed set  at Google, D2D, and Amazon of all six books if you want to binge read.

Back to Blace

Book titles in order. The complete box set has six books. Enjoy!

  1. The Incredible Mr. Black.
  2. Temptation in Black
  3.  Submission to Black
  4. Black Tie Affair
  5. Mourning Becomes Black
  6. Fade to Black
  7. Back to Black

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