Book 8 Blackstone Series “Black Tide”

If you’re tired of being inside and looking for something hot and exciting to read, try my 8 book Blackstone series. You can find the books everywhere and even in your local library. Enjoy! Passion is a great love story if it has hot men and the woman who loves them.

Book 8 “Black Tide is published and can be found on GoogleApple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Amazon and where most books are sold. The Blackstone Series has 8 books and there will be 2 more coming and the series will be over. If you haven’t read this exciting erotic romance read the 1st book free at all vendors.

Blackstone Boxed Set 6 Books   



 Back to Black Book 7                                                                          Black Tide Book 8 

blackstone book 8Back to Blace

2 thoughts on “Book 8 Blackstone Series “Black Tide”

    • Pamela, sorry for taking so long. Black Swan will be released on Feb. 14, 2022 and that’s a promise. I’ve been writing in a different genre and I couldn’t get away from it. Book 10 I will give it away for free in the back of book 9 (Black Swan) it’s title: “Black Out.” I do all my writing and it’s difficult. Try my werewolf series until Feb. 14, 2022. Enjoy! and don’t forget to remind me that the books are taking too long if you find some you like.

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