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Chapter 1 : Mourning Becomes Black Book 5 of The Incredible Mr. Black series

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Warning: All five books in the Mr. Blackstone series are erotic romance, and they are for individuals 18 and over.

Chapter 1


December in New York is a great time of the year for the young and the rich, but a bad time for the old even if you are rich. The weather is in transition and so are bodies and minds. The cold rainy weather makes the young feel alive, but I happen to be young and rich, yet I feel the opposite because of the twists and turns my life has taken.

Today I’m shopping for a dress, and Brandon, my driver, has dropped what he was doing to accommodate my frivolous pointless needs.

A text comes in from Jonas on my way to a Fifth Avenue boutique. They have loads of little black dresses for the black tie affair tonight. I give out a long sigh and reach for my phone, and read Jonas’s few words. Every word is like a scream. My head hurts whenever I hear from him. The muscles in my neck tighten and my left eye twitches.

I need you. Please come immediately. I don’t reply. I haven’t made up my mind. I have a few more minutes and I sensibly take them.

Reaching inside my bag, I drop the phone after hitting the mute button, and pull out a book I had planned on reading. Maybe the drive uptown to find out about Jonas’s urgency can give me time to get in some needed reading.

Books are my saving grace and way to get some peace. I can disappear into a world of fiction. Newspapers have become so depressing lately. Too real. Too much drama.

Elderly man shoots elderly wife and her lover. What happened to the time when men welcomed their wives’ lovers because they were too busy fucking the next door neighbor, or their secretaries. What happened to those days? I wondered.

I decide to notify Brandon of the change of venue. “Brandon, I need to see my brother-in-law…at his club.” I suck my teeth, shake my head, and take in a small breath. I really don’t want to do this.

Unlike me, Brandon takes the change in stride. I like his even disposition. Nothing seems to rattle him. He’s young and this is December. The holiday season is here and decorations and lights are already in the store widows. People are wandering around window shopping, and dreaming. Dreaming of what once was. Once they were young. Once they were loved.

The traffic is horrific. Someone important is in town again. I close my eyes momentarily and think about the real Christmas tree Max brought for the children. He even took time with us to help decorate it. That makes me smile. Our little dog wanted in on the festivities. He rushed to get the ornaments, and Maxim and Jack had to chase him to pry the ornaments from his teeth.

“How long is this going to take, Brandon?” I’m impatient and I cross my legs shaking them. Restless Leg Syndrome, or Jonas Blackstone Syndrome. I never know what to expect when Jonas asks to see me. It has been months since I’ve heard from him.

Thanks for small mercies. Frankly, I could go a lifetime without hearing from Jonas because when he calls, there’s always an emergency.

“I’m thinking fifteen minutes to a half hour Mrs. B. We should be there give or take a few.” Brandon’s voice is calm. The traffic doesn’t rattle him. It’s a season where people are in a hurry to get home to family, and a season where the spending of money will likely cause divorce, and worse yet, loneliness and suicide.

My eyes fall to the book in my hands, and I open it to the back. I didn’t realize it’s a book of poems when I grabbed it, and dropped it in my oversized bag.

I’m reading. The words are stark and shocking. I don’t want to read further because I don’t want to know why Oscar Wilde wrote those words. The words affect me and I can’t get the thought out of my head.

“…each man kills the thing he loves.” I hear Brandon’s voice crowding out my thoughts.

“Mrs. Blackstone…I mean, Alex. The ride didn’t take as long as I expected.” Brandon pulls the car into the circular driveway, steps out and opens the door. I begged him to stop doing that. Too much attention on me, but he insisted that it’s expected, and he didn’t want a reason for Max to dismiss him.

Brandon stands watching and waiting until I’m safely inside the mansion, before he enters the car, and parks it to the side, and away from the entrance.

I had instructed Brandon to park near hedges so my car can’t be seen from the street. Just a precaution because I don’t want Max to discover that I’ve been associating with Jonas, and not telling him, especially since he warned me about getting involved with Jonas’s schemes.

It was too late then and now. It was like locking the barn after the livestock escaped.

A large black man in a black suit and white shirt is manning the door. He appears to be screening all visitors, but he remembers me and opens the door. Knowing Jonas, and his weakness to brag, he probably informed him that I’m his sister-in-law. This is perhaps the second time I’ve been here. I find my way to his office without any problems.

There’s no one in the building from what I can tell. Maybe it’s too early. The place is lit and more lights have been installed. The mansion doesn’t look like a mausoleum anymore. Jonas had his workmen change the sconces on the wall and the interior paint to bright soft colors. That beats the red wall paper and antique lights.

“Jonas, I’m here. What is the problem this time? I can’t keep meeting you at this club,” I mumble chastising him, walking down the foyer, then opening his office door, after knocking. I toss my purse on the nearest chair, and stand behind a white antique chair with a green velvet seat waiting for Jonas to turn around to face me.

“If Max even discovers that I have anything to do with you and this club he will… Well I don’t want to think what he’ll do.”

Leaning forward my hands are on his desk. His office is darker than usual. My first thought is to turn on one of the lamps. My second thought is to turn around and walk out of Jonas’s Blackstone infamous bondage club. It’s located on the upper east side of Manhattan, and home away from home, to some very rich unsavory characters. My brother-in-law being one of them. I’m upset and I’m here to plead or threatened him to leave me alone, and stop getting me mixed up in his craziness.

I have to make this quick. I don’t want to stay here any longer than necessary because meeting him here gives me an uneasy feeling.

Jonas still has his back to me. He’s turned around with his face gazing out of one of the few windows in his office, or just staring at the wall. I wouldn’t be surprised. That’s just like Jonas; always in his own world. Never takes anything serious.

He has me involved and I’ve been frightened ever since. I never know what to expect from him. It’s a matter of time when Max will discover all our secrets. That’s why I continue to see Jonas when he calls.

The last time I was here, I had to fight off Robert, and my desire to succumb to Robert’s charms and his obvious skills with satisfying women.

Jonas turns around in a slow swivel of his brown leather chair, but it’s not Jonas, it’s Robert. My heart speeds up. Why is this man affecting me in this way? I can’t seem to get him out of my life, and get away from him. He appears to be everywhere I am. I don’t trust myself near him. Better than that, I can’t trust myself near him. Next time I might give in to him and that could be the end of my marriage, and Max will undoubtedly take my children and the dog.

I narrow my eyes. My forehead furrows. I don’t want to give him any hint of weakness on my part. He knows women and he senses when a woman desires him.

My desire for him is deep.

“Why did you text me from Jonas’s phone, and why are you here?” I say to Robert. My voice is harsh, I’m concealing my true feelings. “What are you doing in Jonas’s office anyway?” I look around trying not to meet his gaze.

“It’s my office now.” He corrects me. I raise an eyebrow. He shoots me a wide grin and my legs weaken. My resolve disappears. I steady myself and focus on Max, my children, and my dog. But not even the thought of my family can help me now.

There’s no way Jonas would sell this business to Robert especially since he can’t succeed at anything else. But I could be wrong. I take a breath and lock eyes with Robert. My heart is racing when I look into his soft blue eyes and focus on his devilish grin.

“I bought him out. I made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.” A light chuckle falls from his luscious lips. I couldn’t remember until now why I’m undeniably attracted to this man. The glow from his blue eyes is causing me to become restless. I shift from side to side. I want to sit but I don’t. That would be another signal that I am too comfortable with him.

But could it be my obvious lack of self-control that’s making me feel this way? I throw that in the back of my mind like so many other things these days.

Max and I are moving and I have too many things to think about. One is how will I feel once I’m away from Robert. Or how will I adjust to Max once he has sold his profitable companies in Asia to be with me and the boys? Will Max hate me for what he had to give up?

Looking at Robert sitting behind Jonas’s desk with a pen in his hand, fiddling with papers, he’s relaxed in his off white V-neck sweater and jeans. He’s mesmerizing and I shouldn’t be here entertaining him with light conversation.

I have children and a dog to take care of not to mention a fabulous handsome husband who will get home soon and discover I’m not ready for the black tie affair. I have to buy a black dress, but instead, I’m fucking around with Robert once more.

He stands never taking his eyes off me, and moving in my direction. I move back behind the chair. I need room between us. “Come on. I know you aren’t afraid of me.” He’s in front of me and raises his head and smiles again. He doesn’t say a word. His body says it all. I’m afraid of myself and he’s testing me to see what kind of effect he has on me.

“Of course I’m not.” My voice cracks. “I just want to keep away from you. I don’t want anyone to connect me with you. As a matter of fact, I want to forget that you and I ever met,” I say looking up at him.

“I can’t forget that night,” he says his eyes smoldering and raking over me from head to toe. “I’ve been thinking of you from the day I set eyes on you. From the day we met here… and how you made me feel…” He touches my chin and I flinch. He tilts my chin. Our eyes meet. “I bet you’ve been thinking of me, too.” I don’t move. He pushes my hair to the side and sniff my neck. “The same wonderful smell. It makes me hard, and that perfume.”

His face is close to mine. I lower my eyes. His lips are close to mine. I can smell him and almost taste him. He’s wearing an expensive after shave. It has a fresh outdoor scent. He smells like Max. My eyes blink and I focus. It’s not Max, Alex. Get a grip.

I push his hand away. I raise my eyes. “The only thing I’m thinking about is when are you going to leave me and my family alone?”

Robert takes a step back in surprise. He stares at me.

“Just as soon as Jonas pays me what he owes me. Then I’ll consider leaving him alone. You, I’m not sure about.” Another wicked laugh comes out of his inviting mouth. Robert turns and steps away from me and moves back to Jonas’s desk and sits.

“When I take you from Maximillian, then that will be the end of that relationship.” My eyes blink because of his brazen comment.

“You really are ambitious.” I laugh at him. He frowns and I see the true nature of the man. Before, all I saw was his smiles and arrogance and loose talk. And that may have been his charm. Now I see a serious determine dangerous man.

“You’re in an unhappy marriage. I see it on your face and I’ve seen it before on other women’s faces. All the faces look the same at some point because they travel down the road of neglect. They are neglected by their husbands in one form or the other.”

I wasn’t going to spend another minute listening to Robert’s theories. Or try to prove the falsity of his statements. He just wanted reassurance, and if I protested, then he could conclude that he was correct in his assessment of my marriage.

“You haven’t said why you texted me.” I tighten my hands around the back of the chair. “Doesn’t Max give you enough work to do?” Robert is focused on one thing and that’s me.

“I have a need for a beautiful young woman like yourself. And to answer another one of your questions, I will spend my extra time trying to convince you that you are mine and will be mine one day.” He gives me a closed smile and asks, “Is Max in town today?” His eyes sparkle when he glances up quickly and locks eyes with me. He answers my question. I wish I hadn’t asked.

“Why do you want to know about Max’s whereabouts?” My tone is abrasive.

Robert’s face and voice changes. He’s the alluring attractive charming seductive man I know. “Tonight is the dinner at the Museum of Natural History and if he isn’t in, I would like to escort you.” His voice breaks into a husky whisper full of appeal.

“You can’t be serious.” I narrow my eyes, and then let out an overconfident laugh as I reach for my purse laying in a chair, near a window covered in soft hunter green velvet curtains.

“Oh, but on the contrary, Mrs. Blackstone. I’m very serious,” he says in a deep throaty voice. His eyes blink, and another devilish smile crosses his lips for a second, as if he’s visualizing me in the nude.

“When your husband isn’t around, I know how passionate and sexy you are, and you’re a woman with a certain hunger and need for sex. Do you think I’m stupid like Blackstone? How can he leave a woman like you to a man like me?”

My body is reacting to his words and my cheeks blush red. I start to twirl my hair and he’s watching at me. He knows what he’s doing to me, and I can’t stop my body from reacting to him. I can’t control myself near him, and I hate me for that.

He watches at me and then says, “When Blackstone isn’t available, I want you to be available to serve my needs.” I tilt my head to the side. I laugh and shoot him an arrogant closed smile. I couldn’t have heard him correctly.

“You have completely lost your mind. Since when do you and I have more than what went on that one night? And I guarantee you, it will never happen again.”

“The only thing that you can guarantee that it will never happen again, is if I’m dead, and I don’t think I’m going anywhere soon. I want you, and I’m sure you want me too, so why do you continue with this façade? If you agree to let me make love to you, your husband will never find out. We can satisfy our need for each other until one of us gets tired of the other.”

“Do you hear yourself?” I say to him. I’m ready to go I’ve spent enough time with him. I don’t want to hear any more of his ridiculous talk. Why am I standing listening to this? I’m wondering.

Could it be I’m ready to surrender to him? I have to hold it together. Everything is at stake.

“What you’re proposing sounds like blackmail to me. I don’t care how you fashion it and wrap it into different meanings, you are saying that if I don’t give in to you, then you will let Max know about me and you. But there is no me and you,” I say in an awkward voice.

“I’m certain that there is a you and me, and there will be as long as I want it. And I wouldn’t be so tactless as to label it as blackmail if I were you.” Robert’s voice is uneven, but he’s smiling, and he shoots me a wink.

“Then what would you call it, Robert.” My tone is cold.

“I like the way you say my name,” he whispers. “Your voice sends shivers down my spine. I’m ready if you are?” I’d like to send something with heat down his spine. Maybe a strong whip. But then he likes that kind of thing.

“You can’t blackmail me. I’ll tell my husband,” I say with resolve.

“You will have to tell him everything including how I performed oral sex on you and you just laid there enjoying it.”

“That wasn’t my idea,” I plea.

“Yes, I know, but you can’t tell Maximillian that without implicating his loving brother.” I turn my back on him. I can’t stand Robert, yet, I’m drawn to him, and I can’t explain to myself why. I turn around to face him. The light from the lamp on the desk is in his face, and he’s indeed a sexy man, and I can’t pull myself away from him.

We gaze into each other’s eyes and there’s nothing but silence and arousal moving between us. I break the tension.

“Max is taking me to the dinner tonight. So that ends your objectives.”

“Good. Then I don’t have to worry about you. He will be there to keep the gigolos and admirers away. He will do my job for me, but he can’t be trusted to…” Robert glances upward and to his right.

“Who can’t be trusted?” Jonas says standing in the doorway then moving inside his office as he strides closer to me. Robert stands and his body jerks around when Jonas touches me and kiss my cheek. They are eye to eye. Two very handsome, tall, gorgeous, and fucked up men.

“Damn if you and Maximillian don’t look just alike,” Robert says smiling. He turns to me. “How can you tell these two apart?” He shakes his head at the uncanny likeness. “Have you ever tried to impersonate Max?” he questions Jonas. Jonas understands what he means, and so do I.

“We are mirror twins, and never what you are thinking.” Jonas adds harshly. “Now can I have my office back? I need to talk to Alex alone.” He stares at Robert. There is tension between the two. “We have no more business to conduct, Robert.” Jonas is tapping his finger on his desk waiting for Robert to move out of the way.

Robert puts his hand to his mouth, gazes at me, and steps aside. He looks at me one more time and winks then steps around Jonas and out of the office.

“What was that about?” Jonas asks in a brooding voice.

“You tell me,” I said sitting in the chair in front of Jonas’s desk. “You got me into this shit, and I can’t get rid of him. Max even gave him an apartment in the building without me knowing.”

“I guess that’s hard on you, Alex. But I’ll take care of everything.” It wasn’t that hard on me. It was my thoughts and desires for him that made it hard.

“Like you did last time, and like you do with everything you touch.” Jonas slides into his chair.

“I apologize for everything. I will make it better,” Jonas says his voice soft and remorseful.

“The only thing that will make it better is for Max and I and our children to leave Manhattan.”

“You can’t do that.” Jonas raises his voice in desperation. I was thinking of bringing Crystal and my baby boy up and…”

“And you want me to run interference for you. Keep her occupied and entertained. You have all your women and mentees hanging around. She wouldn’t understand you staying away night and day. She doesn’t know anyone here but me. You can’t trust people in this town with keeping secrets about you and this business. Crystal will eventually find out and leave you.”

“Maybe I should tell her to stay where she is until the baby is old enough. Maybe send her to live with her mother until I can liquidate everything.”

“That sounds like a good idea. But since when have you payed attention to a good idea and acted on it?” It’s no holds barred with him. “Why not give everything to Robert and get rid of him?”

“It’s not that easy. I’m getting too old for this, Alex and I don’t have the money I need for my family. I’m thinking of buying a ranch near you and Max.” I didn’t want to say, oh god no, because all Jonas had was Max’s family and Crystal and the baby.

“That sounds like a great idea if you mean it. After living in Manhattan, can you live in a rural setting is the question.” I should have posed the same question to myself.

“I’ve had my share of war, and unpleasant characters to last a lifetime. My life has been threatened, and you know me, I don’t care about me. I don’t want anything to happen to you, Max and the boys.” His voice trails off and he’s staring out of a window overlooking a courtyard with a park and trees. I wished I could believe him.

One of his female employees is sitting outside smoking. He appears to be interested in her. I follow his gaze. She looks young. Long dark hair, tall with a slim figure. Probably his submissive. He likes to break the new ones in. He’s their Dominant. But he doesn’t have the disposition for it. They soon take over and is ordering him around controlling him. Then he has to let them go.

I focus on his words about not wanting anything to happen to Max, me, and the boys.

“What are you talking about Jonas? I hope you haven’t done something else stupid.” He turns away from the window with a jolt.

“No. Of course not. I’m just thinking about what would happen if I didn’t have Max and you in my life.” He pushes the chair from his desk and walks around to put his arms on my shoulders.

“I’ll walk you to the door.” He takes my hand. “Do you have your driver with you or do you need a cab? I can have my doorman call you a cab.”

“Brandon is outside waiting.” I can’t help but glance in Jonas’s eyes. Robert is right. You can’t really tell Jonas and Max apart. But I know he’s Jonas. Max is sure of himself and his surroundings. He walks erect with his head up, as if he owns the world. Not like Jonas, hunched over, his head bowed when he’s in trouble.

Jonas guides me through the hall, and to the entrance of the building. I get an uneasy feeling from Jonas. He’s nervous but then he has always been nervous. Fighting in Afghanistan, coming back and living on the streets of Seattle, doesn’t make for a calm solid citizen.

No matter how many expensive bespoke suits he dresses in, or how much money he has, or family connections to keep him anchored, he’s still a fragile young man sitting on the edge of a high rise building ready to jump.

I turn to him. “What is it Jonas? What’s bothering you?” He doesn’t answer me. His mind is far away. “Did you take you meds?”

“Of course. Now go home and don’t think about me. I’ll be okay.”

Jonas was right about one thing. Whatever happens to him, he’s okay, as long as he has Max to take care of him. But Max pulled away from him. He didn’t want Jonas to follow him to New York which he did anyway.


Standing at the door, I kissed Jonas on the cheek and he held me tight. The kind of embrace a child might give a mother when he’s in trouble.

But then, when is Jonas Blackstone not in trouble?

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Excerpt: The Black Tie Affair Book 4


Welcome to a new year: 2016. I plan to provide new authors with information and resources I have gathered in the years it took me to self-publish my works. In 2016 my blog will list cover artist, their services, editors, and places where you can find help and gather your own information when you decide to self-publish. I hope you have a passionate and prosperous New Year. Enjoy!

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When I first met Maximillian Blackstone I thought it was the day I took an offer for employment at his hotel in Montana, when ours eyes, and then our bodies merged. He sauntered into the Millennium Lodge with his entourage, dressed in a tailored black suit, and black shirt with the collar opened displaying his taut chest. His stride slow and deliberate, taking in everyone around him with a hint of a smile. A handsome man if ever I saw one. His serious gaze with dark hooded eyes under those long full eyelashes concealing his exceptional green eyes, then connecting with mine.

However, I discovered it was earlier that I first crossed his path. I entered his orbit on the morning of my interview as he exited his Manhattan building. The impressive structure displayed large gold plated letters with Millennium written over the portico. When he strolled through the chrome glass door to his black limo our eyes connected for a moment as quick as a flash of lightening on a spring day. No warning. Just that fast, and then he disappeared into the limo and behind the black windows.

Passing him as I entered the building, in those seconds, I felt a pull weighing me down. It was a strange feeling, where I had to shake my head, then turning catching sight of his back entering his car. His short dark curly hair revealed a fresh haircut. His shoulders wide, with that black suit fitting impeccably close on his body. The suit not wearing him, but he, wearing the suit as if part of his skin. His long legs and expressive manicured hands stood out when he turned with his eyes acknowledging me, and those gold cufflinks catching the sun bouncing off and holding my eyes as he passed in those seconds.

I entered the glass doors hoping for a position at one of Blackstone’s companies. At the time I needed a job and I would accept anything they offered. I took the thirty-third floor to Max’s office building waiting for an interview, unaware my life would change. When I passed him and he glanced at me it was because he recognized his selection.

It’s all coming back to me. The folder held by the woman from HR with the black business suit, not so sensible shoes, and the blond hair, dropped on her desk important information about me, which was the key to my past and the key to my future.

A past of adoption, a past of homelessness, and fear. Fear of graduating from college and not having a job and a place to stay, and mounting school debt, which had sustained me through college because by now my sponsor had cut off my funds. When I accepted employment in Montana at Max’s swanky ski lodge, I had never been to that state, and never been on skis. I was anxious to get out of Brooklyn for a short time, so I accepted the position because of the outrageous money offered for a few months’ work.

But if they were giving it away, I said, “What the hell, I’ll take it.” I can learn to ski and pay some bills.

Off I flew and that was the day my life changed. I married Maximillian Blackstone after loads of drama, with the kind of drama and kinky stuff only found in movies. A marriage proposal from my birth mother’s husband, then the pregnancy, and finally a marriage proposal from Max, which I eagerly accepted because I loved him and I was tired of fighting him for custody of our son.

Unpredictable and exciting is just one reason I said, ‘I do take this man...’ I had never seen a man as handsome as my Max. I can see him now with his expensive Italian bespoke black suits and white shirts and ties. His shoes made just for his feet. Dark curly hair and those green eyes. Just thinking about him can bring me to a state of unequal sexual pleasure.

I didn’t really know this man and what he was capable of doing, and I still don’t, and he doesn’t know me. Does anyone really know anyone or what they are capable of?

All I desired at the time was to be in his arms and to have him make love to me in whatever manner suited him.




Chapter 1


Out of sheer boredom and curiosity, I reach for one of the local New York papers and read the headlines aloud while sipping a cup of coffee. “Socialite found bound, gagged, nude, and dead wearing handcuffs. She was discovered by her husband with her arms trussed over her head fastened to a white velvet headboard in her Park Avenue apartment. Nude and dead,” I repeated. Sounds like the first time I met Max when he deserted me and didn’t call. I felt dead when I thought I would never feel him inside of me ever again.

“A five hundred dollar light pink printed silk chiffon scarf tied neatly around her neck.” It escapes me why a reporter would put the price and description of the scarf. Am I missing something here?

Raising my head, looking around, shaking my head, and taking another sip of coffee, I continued reading.

“Her lover explained, ‘it was all a game,’ when the police questioned him. ‘Ask the husband, he knows, he was watching,’ quoted the lover. ‘His voice dry and matter of fact as if he was inconvenienced by my questioning,’ Detective Munro said during a press conference.”

“How is this news?” I threw the paper across the room. “Is that all they can write about? What’s news about a woman finding pleasure in having a lover and her husband watching them in bed?” I murmured to myself. What’s the world coming to?

Maybe it’s the dead part that people find distasteful and newsworthy.

Then a thought crossed my mind, this woman can be me in a few more years if I don’t do something besides wake up in the morning, get dress, and wait for Max to summon me. Maybe he’ll come tonight, maybe tomorrow, who knows. I’m a perfect candidate for the front page:

Wife of billionaire Maximillian Blackstone arrested for Flogging her naked lover and holding him as a Sex slave: “I haven’t had sex with my husband in months and my nerves were on edge. The sexiest man alive has traded me in for an even younger woman. I’m barely twenty-four, and because of lack of serious sex, and boredom, I found a lover I could handcuff to my bed and flog him senseless if he didn’t perform,” Mrs. Blackstone confessed to the detective. News at eleven.

That would make for great headlines if I had nothing to live for, but I do.

It’s raining in New York and I’m looking down on Central Park. What am I doing here anyway? It was my stupid idea to move here. I must be crazy. I convinced Max that I would be happier in a city. I see him during dinner when the children are awake, sometimes. After that, your guess is as good as mine when the next time he’ll show his face. And a gorgeous face at that. It has been two days since he came home and called. I know he has an apartment a block away that he uses for sleep. I promised him I wouldn’t cling. He has been under pressure with Charles making bids on his properties and he not wanting to sell.

After Max broke up my wedding to Charles, Charles hasn’t forgiven me or him.

I leaned forward looking out with my legs extended on the chaise lounge, trying to count all the people walking. The fog is rising obscuring my view. They’re little dots like ants.

I was happy when Max asked to marry me. I married him because I loved him and he understood my rebellious nature. I’m beginning to think that the only reason he married me was because of the children and he couldn’t accept losing me to Charles, or want anyone to have me.

He can be like that with people and things he desires—like his properties and me. I guess he considers me his property; me, the children, and the dog. He’s like a child with toys. He doesn’t want anyone to play with his toys, even though he will not play with them. He hides his favorite toy in the closet and maybe pulls it out when he tires of it or stumbles on it by mistake.

That reminds me, we’re running out of toys and lubricant, not for the children, but for us.

That’s me—Alexander Bishop Blackstone, his Dom for the day, wife for a lifetime, and who the hell knows what the next minute. All I know is he hasn’t been in me for a week. This coming from a man who likes to possess my mouth every day, initiate a light spanking, and give me hard penetration at least every other day, but now it has been months since we had old fashioned vanilla sex. And it’s been a month since he even mention the bondage thing, where he’s naked wearing a blindfold. Or is it me wearing a blindfold? I forget, it has been that long.

I feel like a caged bird. I want to fly. I turn and look and in scurries my little dog, and he jumps on my lap. He bought us a miniature dog, a Havanese, because he knew we would be left alone. It was Max’s way of giving us something to do to keep me and the children occupied. The poor little thing thinks I’m his mother. He has serious separation issues. I told Max that it was too soon to take it from his mother.

Max said, ‘Disappointments and pain was in everyone’s future.’ Just because he and Jonas lost their parents early is no reason to deny the puppy his experience with his mother. Max just looked at me with his dark brooding hooded eyes and said, ‘It is what it is. It’s done.’ What he meant by that is left to interpretation. I’d say he was back to his old controlling indifferent behavior.

The little puppy will probably have issues, like I have issues, and like Max and Jonas have issues. That reminds me I need to make an appointment to see a therapist. It was my idea to consult a sex therapist this time for me and Max. Our relationship is suffering because I had children. Max had this problem before. Something about seeing me as a mother instead of his sex partner.

The little dog is nuzzling up to me and sucking my finger. He thinks it’s his mother’s tit. I’d better feed him. The children will be getting up soon.


The rain stopped and the nanny took Maxim and our baby Jack short for Jackson out to the park to play with the other rich overprotected children. I’m surprised that Max even allowed it. He finally gave in when I explained to him that they would be misfits if they didn’t have time to play with children their own ages.

He suggested that we go back to his ranch in Montana where they could have horses and dogs. ‘Children learn a lot from animals,’ he had said. I wouldn’t hear of the idea and he brought in a lovely honey brown and white miniature puppy. I didn’t want the quiet of Montana because I felt that Max wanted to isolate me. We always had divergent opinions. He wanted a rural life, I wanted urban, and now never the twain shall meet.

Our personalities always clashed. I think now we are staying together because of the children. I hope not.

It’s time for Hava to go out. We both need fresh air. I grab a blue jean jacket and toss it over my shoulders to compliment my worn jeans and white tee shirt. I clutched the leash in my hands and tugged on it and the dog trailed behind, and when we were out the door, he scampered in front of me, heading for the elevator. It took time for the elevator to get to our floor because the penthouse is twenty-five floors up.

Max said that I should take our private elevator, but I squashed that idea. It was enough to have to isolate myself in this gigantic apartment building, but not see the few tenants that come through here, now that would be pure hell. So I opted for the elevator where I could at least meet someone. It has been months and still I get on the common elevator alone.

Finally the elevator stopped. I was full of anticipation. The door opened and all I saw was this gorgeous undeniable handsome man standing in front of me. He had on a pair of faded jeans and a white shirt and soft brown leather jacket. He was all of six two, with a wicked gaze and the bluest eyes. It was like looking into an endless ocean. His hair ruffled as if he passed his fingers through or some woman had raked her hands through it when they were in bed and he never bothered to comb it. He strutted to the side to make room for me. I smiled inward knowing what I could do to him.

I would handcuff him to his bed, sit on his face and take a hand full of that beautiful shiny black hair and yank all that long dark curly hair as he gave me an orgasm. Then I would have turned around and faced that hard dick, because by now it must be hard, and put my full mouth over his penis and sucked the come from his gorgeous body. I would leave him weak where he couldn’t move. Then we…I caught myself dreaming about that handsome man. Max was driving me crazy with his sexual neglect.

Max started me on this road to mind blowing sex and now that’s all I can think about.

            Since I’ve been with Max, I find myself daydreaming about men. I gave a small smile and he shot me a nod, with a mischievous curl of his lip raising on the right of his face.

His smile lit up my body and made me feel alive. “Beautiful dog,” he said to me. I stepped into the elevator locked on his eyes and was caught by surprised by his strong soft and easy voice. It had a melody to it as if he could talk you to sleep. A bedroom voice.

“Yes, it’s a beautiful dog.” I was caught by surprise when I heard a woman’s voice. I looked to the side and near him with his wide chest and taut body hiding her, a woman about twenty stood punching the button incessantly to get the elevator to close.

“Something is wrong with this elevator. It always takes us to the top floor,” she said. He gave her a passive glance, her eyes lowered. “When are you going to get me a dog? I want one just like that,” she purred at him. And she stepped to the right side of the handsome man and grabbed his hand. I stood in front of them and I could feel his eyes trailing down my back causing chills to explode over me. I wanted to run but there was no place to go. Sweat accumulated under my arms, and warmth pooled between my legs.

I thought I was only attracted to Max but this man registered off the scale. “Do you live here?” he asked, his voice deep and sensual.

The pretty model who was about six feet looked him in the eyes and then her glance turned to me with contempt and she said, “Can’t you see she’s an employee. You are embarrassing her.”

I went along with the folly and the blond with the expensive clothes and Chanel purse. “I work for the Blackstone’s. I’m their sometime nanny and dog walker,” I said with a smirk. The model with the highly developed cheek bones, long legs, and skinny frame said, “See I told you.” And she felt very satisfied with herself.

When the door opened, I stepped out. I could feel those steel blue eyes ravishing me, I lowered my head, and his girlfriend trailed behind me. The doorman wasn’t sitting at his desk. He took his break early but the cameras were filming. I was glad he wasn’t sitting there because I didn’t want him to blow my cover by calling me Mrs. Blackstone.

I felt satisfied in my deception.

Opening the glass door, I made a sigh of relief after I got clear of that hot body. I put the dog down and the little dog stopped at a garbage basket to sniff it. That gave me the opportunity to turn my gaze to my left just slightly, catching sight of his confident alluring stride, his black limo parked at the curb and the driver standing near the open door. The model slid in and he looked my way and our eyes connected. I lowered my head trying not to be too obvious but I felt it and I know he did too. He smiled entering the limo, but that smile was for me, not the model.

I knew that look too well.

I couldn’t function for thinking about him. I took the dog to the park and watched his aimless pursuit of squirrels. Heading back home, down Park Avenue, I stopped off at the deli to buy Max a tin of caviar. He liked having a snack before dinner and wine. He needed his gold or crystal spoon to eat it along with roasted potatoes. I never could get use to those fish eggs.

“A five ounce tin of your finest Osetra caviar,” I said to Ralph.

“Sure thing. It just so happen we have it today, grade one golden,” he smiled pointing to the five hundred dollar tin of Russian caviar.

“Your employer makes you pick up his snack food?” I stiffened. I recognized the voice. It belonged to that impossible handsome man with the expensive jeans, expensive jacket, expensive white shirt, expensive shoes, expensive face, and expensive smile. I don’t know why he made me nervous but he did. Could it be because I was afraid that I could fall for him? The answer was a straight out yes. I could fall naked all over him and especially on that handsome face.

“I volunteered,” I said turning around meeting his sexy gaze with a raised eyebrow, and I turned back to Ralph who stood waiting patiently behind the counter and said, “Put it on the bill.”

“Sure thing,” Ralph said to me.

I spun around with a stern face looking him in his impossible blue eyes and said, “What are you doing, following me?” He didn’t answer for a moment. He looked at me from my feet on up and said, “I would follow you to the ends of the earth and then back again.” That did it. This was getting too strange.

“I don’t think we have any more to say to each other.” He just stared at me with a secretive smile which made him the second hottest man alive. After getting my package, I rushed out and he headed behind me.

He stood in front of me, “You know we recognize our own.” What did he mean by that? I asked myself. What did he recognize about me that I didn’t already know? That I was over sexed and didn’t know it until I met Max? That I was desperate for that feeling again and that I wasn’t getting any lately.

“I don’t know what you mean and you are wrong on all fronts if you think I know what you’re talking about,” I said to him and hurried along with my dog in my hand and my package in the other. He had me so nervous that I rushed to my apartment, nodded at the doorman who made his appearance and now was sitting behind his desk smiling at me.

“Hello Mrs. Blackstone. Nice weather we’re having.” Clearly he hadn’t seen the downpour and the gray skies that was signaling that summer was over. I looked around and there was no sign of my stalker. I rushed into the penthouse elevator at the far end of the lobby and hurriedly put my key and code in and slipped into the safety of my home.

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