Mr. Blackstone Complete on Sale


the_incredible_mr_black_boxset-jpg2-jpg3The complete Erom  Blackstone Box Set is on sale for a Week in celebration of the FSOG movie. If you are a fan of Fifty Shades of Gray and can’t get enough of the books and you want something different you can get it now at less than 0.99 a book. Enjoy! Please leave a review if you enjoyed these books. Thank you for being fans.

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A Bride For A Werewolf Books 1 2 3 Free on Amazon Feb. 6,2017


When the Super Bowl is over, and you’ve settle down and ready to step out of the real world and into the world of Fantasy where truth and facts don’t exist, all you need is your imagination to step into my Fantasy world.

If you’re in Amazon’s library, you can read all three books now for free.

However, on February 6 to the 7th my fans can get all three short books (A Bride For A Werewolf) for free for their library on Amazon on Monday and Tuesday (Feb 6 and 7). Enjoy! Click below. If you enjoy this series please leave a review.

Book 1                        Book 2                               Book 3      

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