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If anyone is thinking about becoming an independent author, the 20 Books to 50K group is taking their show on the road and first stop is Las Vegas. That’s right we will be in Vegas on November 3, 2017 for three days. If you are interested in becoming an author or you are in Vegas you can stop by and say hi to your favorite indie author, or join the group.

Click here:  20booksvegas.com for all the info for signing up for the work shops, hotel accommodations (Sam’s Town) or your favorite casino hotel, and a host of great speakers. There are 225 attendees. The conference will be capped at 400. Furthermore, there is an auto show in town that weekend. What could be better than that if you are in the area.

Excerpt: Book 3 The Soul of A Vampire

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Unedited Chapter 1 of book 3 “The Soul of A Vampire”  Read book 1 and 2 at the stores below. Click below for all stores.


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Chapter One-Zoey


I called out for Robbie and Ann as I held Sebastian in my arms. His eyes wavering up and down and his eyelids closing. He had stopped breathing. He had turned a sickly pale grey color. I gave him my wrist to suck the blood that would save his life.

At first he turned his head shaking it to the side refusing to accept what I offered him, but then I leaned down looking into his handsome face and said, “I have something wonderful to tell you, if only you would try to stay alive. I need you now more than ever.”

Sebastian watched at me. My eyes filled with passion and sadness realizing that I may never see him again. Tears pooled in my eyes and then one warm salty tear dropped down my cheek and landed on the corner of his mouth. He breathed hard and slowly raised his finger. He placed his finger on my tear stained cheek and stared at it. Then he looked up at me.

He said to me with a hoarse soft voice, “You know I could never stand for you to cry. Even when you were a little girl you knew how to break my heart. Why are you doing this to me, Zoey? Let me go and then you can start your life again.” I watched him and I was full with pain at the tenderness of his words and his failing gaze.

“How can I?” I sobbed. “Samantha will surely kill me and our…” I couldn’t tell him. Not like this. I had to get him to feed on me first because if he knew he would never do it. He shook his head side to side clenching his teeth. I leaned down and gave him one last kiss on his cold lips.

My lips touched his icy mouth but the kiss, blistering hot. My heated lips sliding over his mouth lightly and his painful lips quivered below mine with him moaning softly knowing this would be his last touch with life. His last kiss with me. His last chance to feel human. His last chance to regain his soul.

And then to my surprise, he reached for my arm and placed it in his mouth. Yet he was too weak to use his teeth. It was then Robbie raced to my side and opened and extended his long claws. He pierced my skin, and when droplets of blood fell on Sebastian’s lips, it was as if Sebastian came alive. His eyes glowed and his breathing became strong. He held a satisfied smile on his lips as he continued to suck the blood of life. I could see his sparkling white teeth, which he rarely showed because of his constant sour expression.

He closed his eyes and began to feed on me. It was as if I was swirling around and my head became light. I felt dizzy.

I didn’t know then why he had been so unpleasant with me when he wasn’t making love to me, but I would soon discover the reason.

I didn’t think this would happen, but it did. I thought he had control, but he didn’t stop feeding on my blood even when I thought he had gone too far. I tried to pull my wrist from his mouth as I felt myself become weak. Weak to the point where I was about to pass out.

Seeing that I was in danger, Robbie rushed to me. When Robbie tried to stop Sebastian, he turned his eyes up at him and flashed them like a rabid dog. His eyes blood red. My blood seeping and covering the corner of his lip as he looked up at me. I felt my body going cold. I was dying slowly and Robbie knew it.

Robbie stood over us ready to stop or fight Sebastian. I raised my right hand to stay Robbie for a moment.

But when I leaned over and whispered in his ear, “I’m pregnant, Sebastian.” He stopped. Just like that he looked up at me and stopped. He lay with his eyes wide and mouth open. He recognized me as the person he loved and cared about.

Before I said I was pregnant, I was just a warm body filled with his favorite meal.


Book 3 “The Soul of A Vampire” published. “Passion is a great love story.”