Excerpt From Star Splitter Book 2

Book 2 of Star Splitter is published and Book 1 is free to those on my mailing list. If you haven’t read it, it will remain free on Instafreebie until 12/16/2017. Book 2 is published :  Amazon   D2D   Kobo  IBooks   Nook and   Google. Remember my books are for adults and the romance is hot and steamy. Enjoy! Below is an excerpt from Book 2 Star Splitter. Book 3 Coming Soon.  “Passion is a Great Love Story.”

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Excerpt from Star Splitter Book 2

When she stopped struggling the craft dropped her inside a compound and took off. This was a prison of some kind. A prison with women. They walked around in a daze but one thing she noticed, they were all dressed in beautiful attire, and they were her age or younger. None were teenagers and none were in their thirties.


They were beautiful young women. And the second thing she noticed. They were like her, well almost like her. They were the first androids built to look like humans.

As Jessie stood watching at them, a group of soldiers rushed in her direction and subdued her with electrical prods and short circuited her program.

When she woke she was in an office sitting in a large wingback chair. She heard the shuffling of feet and a door opening and closing and then the opening of the door to the sparse office where the window overlooked the courtyard of what she thought was a prison.

“You’re Jessie, am I right?” The thin faced, deep set eyes, nervous male said standing before her leaning on the desk and stooping to look her in the eyes. “You aren’t like the old models here. You are more human than a human female. I never thought I would come across one like you.”

“That’s because I’m the only one like me,” Jessie said in an arrogant tone.”

“You have all the mannerism and sharp tongue of a human female. You are priceless. I will get a lot of gold for you. Do you understand me?” He stood in front of her. If you want to remain in your state of conscientiousness you will have to hold your tongue.”

Jessie glared at him. She didn’t know how to control that part of her brain. She didn’t know how to be obedient and do what the man had said hold your tongue. She held her tongue and just glared at him with her unusual blue eyes.

“But of course you do. Don’t be frightened.” It wasn’t fear that the man saw in her eyes but loathing. “Your previous owner died shortly after he discovered that you had run away. I guess the old man’s heart couldn’t stand the disappointment.”

“Why are you holding me against my will?” Jessie felt compelled to say.

“Because you have no will. You are what I say you are, and you are now a possession of the corporation of this planet. The rich men on this planet pay me to bring them the best A. I. females in the universe. Ones that will obey their every command and ones that will provide whatever sex they subscribe to. Any and everything,” he emphasized with a widening of his grey eyes.

The man stood in front of Jessie. “You are not unusual here but you are one of a kind. All the women you see here are humanoids. They are the only women who could survive on this planet and I’ve been collecting them for twenty years. This is the first time I’ve met one like you.”

The man walked away from Jessie and sat behind his desk. Rubbed his chin as he studied her.

“I will not cooperate with whatever you have in mind. I will break out of here the first chance I get and you won’t be able to stop me.”

“I know you have that in mind. They all thought they could. But with a little configuration of your circuits, you will be like a puppy wearing an electrical leash and I will be your master. When you misbehave, I will… never mind.” And he shot her a sly smile.

He rose from behind his desk and pushed a button and two soldiers in dark brown fatigues walked up to her and took both her arms. She let them take her to the door.

Then she wrapped her hands around their wrist and with a snap of her hands she whipped them around facing each other and with a quick flick of her hands she brought their heads together. The crash of bones breaking made a sickening dull sound. She had shattered their skulls and they dropped in front of her.

It took the man a few seconds to understand what had happened. He stood with his mouth opened looking down at the two soldiers.

“You can’t get out of here. I can afford to lose men. Can you afford to give up your existence? Once I cut off the circuit to your computer, your life’s battery will die and there will be no more you. All I have to do is call in twelve men to hold you down. I don’t think you can fight off twelve men. Correct me if I’m wrong.” He smiled a wide smile. He knew Jessie’s limitations if she didn’t.

She had grown tired of hearing how she could die. She didn’t want to die because Dorian’s ship, the Star Splitter, would cease to exist and would destroy all on it if it wasn’t docked on a planet. And what about Max?

She had fallen in love with Max. She shouldn’t have but the desire to see him grew more each day that she was away from him. Filled with pain at the thought of him unable to find her, and she may never see him again, caused her to weaken with anxiety and dread.

She knew there was a possibility that she would never see Dorian again, but Max was there to love her and make her feel like a woman and that’s all she wanted was to be loved again. She cursed the scientist for giving her these feelings. But it was because of the feelings that her senses were acute and came alive. And she thought it better to laugh or cry, love and die, than to be forever a robot heartless and cold.

To the warden’s surprise Jessie said, “I won’t resist.”

“Good,” he said stepping over his dead men with crushed skulls where their brains were visible. “I’ll give you a week to rest and prepare to meet your new owner.” The man walked to the door, opened it and called in the men outside and they walked in and stared down at the two men.

“Why are you staring at them? They’re dead. Do you want to end up like them, then get them out of my sight,” he said. “I’ll take you Jessie and show you your room.” He opened the door for Jessie and she walked weary alongside of her jailer. “I want to make sure you don’t leave here without me knowing. I’ll keep you close to me. You will be living in my wing,” he looked at her, “close to me.” He unlocked the door. Jessie turned to glance at him. “I don’t want you dealing with those robots. I may want to test you before I sell you to this thing from Ovid.”

“What kind of test?” She asked. He shot her a wicked smile. His beady eyes lit up but he never answered her.

Jessie felt better now. She knew Ovid was the planet she needed to get to where she could meet up with Dorian and that peeked her curiosity. But why would he call an Alien a thing. That didn’t sound good to even a humanoid, let alone a robot.

Whatever the nervous sweaty jailer thought he would do to Jessie, wasn’t going to happen. She would rather he disconnected her than endure the touch of a slimy greedy man like him.

He pointed to a large chest as she stood around waiting for him to leave. “You’ll find all you need in there. The girls in here are special and therefore command a high price. I have to make sure the standards are kept. We get humans and Aliens from all over the galaxy looking for something that’s not a human but just human enough to satisfy their pleasures.”

She sat near the window and looked out at the courtyard. “I know what you’re thinking and you won’t get as far as the gate. It’s one hundred miles to the nearest outpost. You ran out of gas in this heat and you had only traveled twenty-five miles.”

He stood with his back to the door shifting the remote to both hands which opens and closes the door to her room.

“I’ve had a long day. Can I have some down town?” Jessie said. He laughed.

“You even talk like a woman. You probably believe you are one. Oh well, to each his own. If you believe you’re a woman, then that will make the client more than happy to have someone like you. I bet you even get headaches.” Another loud laugh as the squirrelly thin man left the room.

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