Book 2 “The Soul of A Vampire” published

The soul of a vampire 2

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Zoey thought Sebastian was the most handsome vampire with a beautiful soul, that is, until she strode into a room and found him feeding on a young woman. Zoey should have been repulsed by the sight of him after he convinced her that he would never go back to that soulless existence. “To preserve my humanity, I only feed on animals,” he promised Zoey. 

She didn’t loath Sebastian, she hated the woman more because she thought Sebastian found the girl’s blood more desirable than hers.

When Sebastian discovered that his craving for human blood is more intense than ever, now that he has dined on it, after years of abstaining, there’s no way he can return to feeding on animals when his unbridle desire for Zoey’s sweet blood is all he can think about, especially since she’s a willing victim.

Now Sebastian’s mission is to keep Zoey safe, from him.