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Excerpt: Book 3 The Soul of A Vampire

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Unedited Chapter 1 of book 3 “The Soul of A Vampire”  Read book 1 and 2 at the stores below. Click below for all stores.


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Chapter One-Zoey


I called out for Robbie and Ann as I held Sebastian in my arms. His eyes wavering up and down and his eyelids closing. He had stopped breathing. He had turned a sickly pale grey color. I gave him my wrist to suck the blood that would save his life.

At first he turned his head shaking it to the side refusing to accept what I offered him, but then I leaned down looking into his handsome face and said, “I have something wonderful to tell you, if only you would try to stay alive. I need you now more than ever.”

Sebastian watched at me. My eyes filled with passion and sadness realizing that I may never see him again. Tears pooled in my eyes and then one warm salty tear dropped down my cheek and landed on the corner of his mouth. He breathed hard and slowly raised his finger. He placed his finger on my tear stained cheek and stared at it. Then he looked up at me.

He said to me with a hoarse soft voice, “You know I could never stand for you to cry. Even when you were a little girl you knew how to break my heart. Why are you doing this to me, Zoey? Let me go and then you can start your life again.” I watched him and I was full with pain at the tenderness of his words and his failing gaze.

“How can I?” I sobbed. “Samantha will surely kill me and our…” I couldn’t tell him. Not like this. I had to get him to feed on me first because if he knew he would never do it. He shook his head side to side clenching his teeth. I leaned down and gave him one last kiss on his cold lips.

My lips touched his icy mouth but the kiss, blistering hot. My heated lips sliding over his mouth lightly and his painful lips quivered below mine with him moaning softly knowing this would be his last touch with life. His last kiss with me. His last chance to feel human. His last chance to regain his soul.

And then to my surprise, he reached for my arm and placed it in his mouth. Yet he was too weak to use his teeth. It was then Robbie raced to my side and opened and extended his long claws. He pierced my skin, and when droplets of blood fell on Sebastian’s lips, it was as if Sebastian came alive. His eyes glowed and his breathing became strong. He held a satisfied smile on his lips as he continued to suck the blood of life. I could see his sparkling white teeth, which he rarely showed because of his constant sour expression.

He closed his eyes and began to feed on me. It was as if I was swirling around and my head became light. I felt dizzy.

I didn’t know then why he had been so unpleasant with me when he wasn’t making love to me, but I would soon discover the reason.

I didn’t think this would happen, but it did. I thought he had control, but he didn’t stop feeding on my blood even when I thought he had gone too far. I tried to pull my wrist from his mouth as I felt myself become weak. Weak to the point where I was about to pass out.

Seeing that I was in danger, Robbie rushed to me. When Robbie tried to stop Sebastian, he turned his eyes up at him and flashed them like a rabid dog. His eyes blood red. My blood seeping and covering the corner of his lip as he looked up at me. I felt my body going cold. I was dying slowly and Robbie knew it.

Robbie stood over us ready to stop or fight Sebastian. I raised my right hand to stay Robbie for a moment.

But when I leaned over and whispered in his ear, “I’m pregnant, Sebastian.” He stopped. Just like that he looked up at me and stopped. He lay with his eyes wide and mouth open. He recognized me as the person he loved and cared about.

Before I said I was pregnant, I was just a warm body filled with his favorite meal.


Book 3 “The Soul of A Vampire” published. “Passion is a great love story.”

Book 2 “The Soul of A Vampire” published

The soul of a vampire 2

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Zoey thought Sebastian was the most handsome vampire with a beautiful soul, that is, until she strode into a room and found him feeding on a young woman. Zoey should have been repulsed by the sight of him after he convinced her that he would never go back to that soulless existence. “To preserve my humanity, I only feed on animals,” he promised Zoey. 

She didn’t loath Sebastian, she hated the woman more because she thought Sebastian found the girl’s blood more desirable than hers.

When Sebastian discovered that his craving for human blood is more intense than ever, now that he has dined on it, after years of abstaining, there’s no way he can return to feeding on animals when his unbridle desire for Zoey’s sweet blood is all he can think about, especially since she’s a willing victim.

Now Sebastian’s mission is to keep Zoey safe, from him.

Excerpt From “The Soul of A Vampire” Book 2

Book 1


“I lowered my eyes when our gaze locked and I felt his forceful look. Why did I feel as if I had seen those eyes before? He had a profound effect over me. My unstable pulse wouldn’t let up. I couldn’t control it. I felt in a daze as if I could faint.

That’s all I needed was to faint and fall to the floor. Maybe that wasn’t a bad thing. Then he could pick me up and whisk me away to his place and we would live happily ever after and I would have his babies. He looked like he could make beautiful babies.”

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Book 1 will remain at $2.99 until book 2 is published in April. Book 1 can be found at:

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Book 2 Coming Soon. For matured adults 18 and over.  

Excerpt from book 2. Copyright 2017 by Rachel E Rice

The soul of a vampire 2



Chapter One-Zoey

As I rushed for the door, Sebastian caught my arm. The shock of his cold hand spread through me sending a floodtide of emotions. I loved him. I hated him. I desired him and needed him to make love to me. I wanted to forget him and forget what I had seen and how it aroused me beyond belief, but my breasts swelled at the tenderness of his touch and I became blind to all that had filled me with disgust.

“Don’t leave Zoey, you don’t understand.” His tongued slid over his lips, his deep breathing caught me by surprise. The taste of her blood aroused him more than when we lay together. More than when his cold manhood entered the warmth of my opening.

The jealousy of the dead girl made little sense to me, but I couldn’t help but think how my body never gave him as much pleasure as he had received from the drinking of her warm satisfying blood.

After he wiped the contentment of his plunder from his mouth onto the cuffs of his robe, I could see he didn’t want to lose one drop of her tantalizing sweet blood, and as much as it horrified me to see him standing in front of me, a prisoner to the blood of someone else, I wanted him to take me and make me his. I needed to see that same look of pleasure on his face when he fed on me.

I wanted to watch the gleam in his eyes and hear his moan in my ear.

I wanted to be with him forever and not have to worry everyday about someone coming to take me from him. It was too tiring to have to go through this anymore.

Sebastian stood close to me. His eyes red his incestuous look boring through me. This had been the brother I knew as a child and I couldn’t bear to admit now I wanted him more than life.

His blood stained robe pressing against my gown. My heart hammered at being close to him. I could feel his hard body seducing me, and yet I desired the pain I knew would come from him changing me.

My skin ached when he touched me. My body craved every part of him. His beautiful mouth throbbed when I rejected him.

Rushing to my room in this cold dark castle, I turned to see him standing behind me when I closed the door. My eyes and lips fell open in surprise and I said, “What do you want now? I have nothing to give you that you would want.” It was then I thought he would do what I now accepted as inevitable.

He stood like a statue. Beautiful cool bluish eyes against a handsome pale face.

“You have everything to give me. This may be the last time I see you.” He touched my hair and slid his finger across my lips. “You’re burning up,” he said with a smile of intense pleasure and a raised eyebrow.

“And you’re cold,” I said to him as I watched his eyes rake my body.

In a quick second he lifted me and wrapped me in his arms and lay me on the bed. He threw off his robe and it landed on the floor. His strong muscled body pale and cold lying over me. With one hand he ripped the gown from my shoulders and one quick motion he threw the gown across the room.

His eyes no longer blue or green but lust scorching red, seared into my flesh, causing the heat to explode through me, letting out an unwelcomed moan.

His lips touched mine only for a second, and then with the cool brush of his lips over my nipples, I felt an arousal deep down as I waited for him to take me. I almost begged for him to do whatever he needed to do to make me his.

Turning my neck to the side with my vein throbbing and my heart hammering, I knew I had distracted him. What difference did it make now?

I wanted him and not Aare. I had said I would rather be with that animal than to be in  Sebastian’s arms. I wanted to hurt Sebastian because he tore my heart from me when I saw how he enjoyed drinking the blood of that young woman, and it was my fear that he wouldn’t find pleasure in me the same way.

Why couldn’t he love me that intense soul crushing way?

Running my hands through his hair, I reached and grabbed a fist of his dark silky hair and raised his head to me.

“Feed on me as you make love to me. I want to see that look on your face, that look you had for that young woman when I walked into that room.” He placed his manhood over my opening and eased in slow and then he filled me with his cold hardness. The sensation and passion of my fullness sent blood pounding through my heart and veins.

“Do it Sebastian. What have I to lose except you?” I brought my hips up to him and he pounded his body into me as he wavered back and forth with his lips on my neck trying to make a decision. At one point, I heard his fangs dislodge and I felt them prick my skin. I bit into his cold shoulder and he groaned as we reached our orgasm together. And our bodies danced together. The feeling was amazing.

I thought then he would do what I begged of him. But he wouldn’t.

He never enjoyed me the way he relished feeding on that woman, and now I knew that he would let me remain with Aare just to keep me human, but for what end, and for what reason, I wondered. I turned my back to him to sulk and watched at the moon.

I couldn’t ask him because when I turned to him, he was gone.

I had finally made my choice now. It would be Aare.





Cover Reveal and ARC

Book 1 “The Soul of A Vampire” series  will be released in the middle or end of March, 2017. If you are a fan of my books, and love Vampire books, and you have an account with Amazon, I will provide you with an Advance Reader Copy (ARC).

You will have to give me an honest review on Amazon no later than a week after release. If you meet those requirements, then contact me at and I will provide you with a free copy in mobi, epub, or PDF. Thank you for being a fan of my work.


When Zoey Miller was kidnapped as a young child, she never expected to meet the man whose family stole her innocence. After years of trying to remember that harrowing time she finally realized that the nightmare she tried to remember faded away.

All she wanted to be was a normal twenty-one year old and go out to a bar with her girlfriend, but life isn’t what you want it to be it just is. On that night her girlfriend died and Zoey ended up in a coma.

When she woke, it was three months later, and standing before her a handsome pale stranger who refused to answer her questions.

All Sebastian Vesper wanted was to keep Zoey safe and prevent her from finding out about him, and especially his family, who wants her dead. He soon discovers that keeping Zoey safe is not so easy, especially with a bounty on her head by a witch who is in love with him, and a brother who wants to put a stake in his heart.