“Hunter’s Moon” Free


There are a limited amount of Hunter’s Moon books and the offer is good only until November 1,2016, or until the books are gone.

I’m giving away 500 books of Hunter’s Moon to my readers of the Insatiable Werewolf Series. If you have read the series, and you’re on my mailing list, and you like the books, then claim it on Instafreebie. Don’t forget to put in the code: H Moon 5.

You can get the book in mobi, epub, and PDF.

There are 9 books in the series. They are for matured adults 18 and over. Enjoy.
Reading list:

  1. The Lone Werewolf Finds His Mate (Free)
  2. A Werewolf’s Hunger
  3. A Werewolf’s Wedding
  4. The Werewolf’s Challenge
  5. Hunter’s Moon (Free)
  6. Moon Tide
  7. Moon Rapture
  8. Tracker
  9. Thorn
  10. Coming Soon: Damon in A Werewolf’s Passion



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