Review of book #3 “Submission To Black” from Goodreads

I hate that I have come to the closing of such a dark and erotic series. There is just something about Maximilian Blackstone that just makes me want to know more. Yes you know you will be hurt but when you are under his spell you can’t stop and rethink things.

Alex has had enough of Max and the way he treats her. He says he loves her and can change the way he is but Alex has heard that come out of his mouth time and time again. She knows she will love him forever but she can’t be in a relationship with him anymore.

I was glad to get some answers that I had been waiting on. I seen that things in this book would take me on a wild ride and I wondered if I was up for it. I also thought about what would I do if I was in this situation and would I do the same things that Alex is doing. To have two billionaire’s after me and a cop. Even though she thinks she knows what she is doing, sometimes I have to disagree with her.

This book was hot and intense. There were some things that I liked about Charles but I could tell he had his own agenda. Max loved Alex but could he give her what she really wanted. I have finally came to the end and I will be going crazy. It seems that there was more to tell and I won’t get any of it. Crystal and the things she did is very confusing.

I was left wanting more but I will be happy knowing who Alex chose. This author did a wonderful job and I will have to read more books by her.

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