Macmillian E Books on Scribd and Penguin Random House Audio

Scribd subscription service is great for reading on the go. You can read books from your phone or tablet on Scribd. Furthermore the service has added Macmillian E Books and Penguin Random House Audio.

When you have read your favorite authors you may want to add me Rachel E Rice an indie author to your list. I write in different genres. I have sweet romance (One Desire and Finding Summer), erotic romance (The Incredible Mr. Black) books 1 2 3 4, science fiction (The Well 1,2,3), and paranormal romance as well as historical romance. Happy reading.

Some of my books have adult content and they are not available under the subscription service, however, they can be purchased there and where all eBooks are sold.

onedesire  179 Finding Summer 360x540 (Website) 2

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