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Chapter 1


Drayton turned to face Adrienne sleeping soundly. They had been in Hawaii for less than two weeks and this was the most magnificent time of his life. How wonderful had his life been and how much fuller will it be once Adrienne is pregnant with his pups, he thought. She lay in his arms naked and at peace; sleeping after a long swim. Free from the pressures of nursing and caring for Lycell’s six demanding pups.

Although she had nurses, Lycell wanted her to be attentive to them. It was a good thing that her two sons by Wilder had grown fast, and Wilder took over her efforts of raising them. Besides there wasn’t any more she could do than to love them.

Drayton had been working on becoming a father night and day, never giving Adrienne a rest, and now he was sure she would become pregnant. But she wasn’t. He would know. A werewolf can sense and smell when he has impregnated a female. Maybe next time, he thought with a sigh. But his time was running out. Wilder and Lycell had been patiently waiting their turn to claim her, and if she wasn’t pregnant by him then, there would be another litter of pups but not by Drayton.

Pulling at the soft white cotton sheet, Drayton let it slide from Adrienne’s body. He stared down at her lying on his chest. The cool breeze passed over her, her skin reacted to the chill of the morning. Her skin once pale is now a soft brown because of the island sun and its heat. Her hair has a shiny glow, and it’s growing longer and silky. Now it has streaks of blond highlights from the warm kiss of the sun. She appears as beautiful as the first time he laid eyes on her. Drayton remembers her smiling at him, and he saw the warmth and beauty within this human female, and he loved her at first sight, and he’s loving her more each day because of her sacrifices she has made for his family.

He held Adrienne close not wanting her to leave his side as they made love each day. Only waking when the islanders prepared food for them to eat, and during their nights alone, they would swim and hike and he would lose himself inside of her. With their last ounce of strength spent exploring each other’s needs, they fell exhausted into bed, thinking of nothing and no one but each other.

Adrienne washed her mind of thoughts of Wilder, and Lycell, and her six pups and two cubs. The experience had been too exhausting, and she relished the idea of lying naked in Drayton’s arms for weeks without the pressure of Wilder and Lycell waiting for her now exhausted body.

Drayton leaned over Adrienne marveling at her naked butt with obvious thoughts. He smiled and lowered his head to place kisses on her shoulder. He passed his large hands over her behind. It fit perfectly. It’s smooth, soft, firm, and just plain beautiful, he thought. Adrienne turned when she felt his warm hand cover her bottom, and the firmness of his penis rise between her legs and settle on her flesh. She arched her hips downward pressing into his manhood.

She felt the warmth of his juice trickle on her, and she knew what that signaled. He was ready again and she was equally as eager to have him take her and fill her once more. Maybe this time she would surprise him and let him have her from behind the way werewolves took werefemales.

Adrienne wasn’t indifferent to that position; she sort of liked it. She enjoyed being taken in that manner. After all, she discovered that she had a nature that was well fitted for the Samsa werewolves. They have an insatiable desire for her body, and she can’t get enough of all three of them.

She glanced up into Drayton’s handsome face. Before she brushed the sleep from her eyes, she thought he was Wilder or Lycell, then she remembered, she was on her honeymoon with Drayton. She glanced up, moving her body, slow and seductively, pressing her breasts against his chest, as she stimulated him. Then she turned facing him giving a warm inviting smile.

“What is it my husband? Do you need me this morning?” Her voice is silky and soft. Her nails trailing down his hard chest. Adrienne was born for the Samsa triplets. She was born to be their mate. Never had she been so aroused and pleased sexually than with these men. Never had she felt so fulfilled and needed as she has been since meeting them, and today lying securely in Drayton’s arms. She isn’t fearful anymore. She knows she’s protected, and the nightmare of Paul and his friends are over. She longed to live out her life with the Samsa triplets and her children.

But her expectations would not come easy, and not without agony and misfortune.

“I need you now, Adrienne.” Her brown eyes smiled. She rolled to the side, turning on her back. She lifted her breasts to him. One hand held a breast and the other fondled her mound, and his finger found its way to her opening, where he placed his finger in her, filling her, but not as much when she is filled with his manhood. She wiggled her hips encouraging his finger as he turned it around and then pulled out. She was wet and ready for his large penis, and he had to make sure to keep from hurting her. He leaned over, bracing his hand down over her shoulder then whispering in her ear.

“You are so good to me. You are everything I’ve ever wanted. You’re always ready for me when I need you. I know we will make some beautiful children together.” Adrienne enjoyed hearing Drayton talk. He never referred to their children as pups. He always called them boys or girls or children, and his voice was soothing and calm each time he claimed her.

All the Samsa men or werewolves had their own bit of charm, but they were so different in many ways and so much alike.

They all are tall and gorgeously handsome werewolves with dark curly hair. But their eyes were different and so too are their fur. Wilder has the deepest of blue eyes, and his twin cubs Hunter and Devin, are equally as stunning with blue eyes and awesome hard masculine bodies as is all the Samsa men. Wilder’s fur is white and Drayton is grey, but Lycell’s fur changed as he matured, it is now black as a starless sky.

“Can I kiss you?” Drayton asked for permission to kiss Adrienne and inquired as to whether she was ready to have sex. Wilder and Lycell, especially Lycell didn’t believe in ruining the moment by asking Adrienne’s permission. He was equally guilty of wanting to take her from behind and she refused him just to unsettle his arrogant nature.

She tried to change Lycell. Once when it was his time to visit her, she had said, “I don’t think I feel like making love tonight.” He wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“I can make you ready.” Before Adrienne could say no, Lycell had her naked and he was between her legs with his long tongue caressing her clit. And in a minute she was screaming for him to take her hard.

Enough time had to pass before he would consider her feelings, or maybe Lycell never would change. With Wilder, Adrienne would see him occasional because he spent a lot of time monitoring the packs he oversee and he took her son’s Hunter and Devin with him when traveling. She hadn’t been with Wilder since she gave birth to Lycell’s pups. Wilder didn’t take it well that she had six pups to nurse and hold her attention. He tried to project a persona of not letting anything affect him. But she saw his impatience. She had warned him that this might happen if she gave birth and had sex soon after. She knew their need to increase their pack and she was willing to please all three brothers. There was only one of her, but there were three healthy young werewolves vying for her attention.

She belonged to all of them now, and especially to the caring and considerate Drayton.

“You don’t have to ask me every time you need me. I need you too.” Then she gazed into his eyes as she stroked his large cock.

The feeling he derived from her and what she was doing to him pleased Drayton. His lips touched hers. His long tongue slivered down her mouth and she sucked it as he moaned into her mouth from the feeling he derived from her manipulation with her hands. She was full with ecstasy and pleasure ready to give herself to him. After all he is her chosen husband. She chose him over Wilder and Lycell. At first they were upset, but they finally understood that it had to be him.

Adrienne guided the crown of his penis to her small opening, and then slowly, carefully, he slid it halfway in and Adrienne gasped from the pleasure she received. Each time one of them entered her was beyond anything she had ever felt. It was always that way with the brothers. It felt like the first time each time because he and his brothers were large and she was always tight. Her inside muscles would tightened around their penis giving her and them the best experiences of their lives.

In many ways she was the most precious thing in their lives. She was everything to them, and they would fight anyone and everything to keep her.

Drayton hadn’t entered Adrienne completely, but he had positioned his body over her in anticipation when a knock came to the door. Their bodies stiffened. No one was to interrupt them. They were on their honeymoon and the islanders were not to disturb them unless it was an emergency. Adrienne shot up in the bed after Drayton pulled out and rolled off her, and to the side.

“Something is wrong, Drayton, I feel it.”

“There’s nothing wrong.” Drayton wraps a towel around him and steps out of the bed to answer the door. When he opens it, Wilder is standing there. His head is erect and he’s wearing a dark blue cap, tee shirt, and a pair of jeans. His body is relaxed but one eyebrow is raised and his jaw is tense. His facial muscles are rigid. He sucks in a large breath and then exhales.

“What are you doing here, Wilder?” Drayton questions. Adrienne hears Wilder’s voice and she springs from the bed naked. She’s standing there facing him and Wilder is gazing at her with a mixture of disapproval and need flowing through his body.

“Go put some clothes on, Adrienne,” Wilder says his voice is raw and demanding. Adrienne glances down at her body. She’s seeing what Wilder is gazing at. Her breasts are heavy. Her nipples are red and taut and standing at their peak. Her long brown hair is in disarray on her head making her look wild like a werefemale. The fire in Wilder’s blue eyes are burning hot with lust and jealousy.

She puts out the fire. “You can’t order me around. I will put on clothes when I feel like it. You have seen me naked as well as all the Samsa men. I’m married now and on my honeymoon, or have you forgotten?”

“I know all too well that you’re married, and you’ve forgotten that you are married to me, too.”

“Adrienne for the sake of everyone, go and put on some clothes,” Drayton said turning to Adrienne. She was none too pleased with Wilder. Adrienne’s forehead wrinkles and she turns with a jolt, and Wilder’s gaze follows her to the open room and the rumpled bed overlooking the beach and Pacific Ocean. He’s standing at the door.

“You would do what Drayton ask of you, but you wouldn’t listen to me.” Adrienne turns full of anger. She’s breathing hard. Her expression stills because she’s beyond annoyed with him.

“That’s because you want to control me.” Her voice is steady her gaze is firm. “I thought you had your jealousy under control. I see that you’re getting worse. I said this would happen.” She turns and walks to the closet, reaches and places a sarong around her body, and returns to face Wilder once more.

“What is that important that you would leave my children and fly out here to disturb us? My children are sick? Don’t hold that from me, Wilder.” Her eyes open wide.

“No,” Wilder says with as few words as necessary.

“Then why are you here if but to ruin my honeymoon. You were the one to insist that we leave. I didn’t want to go but we did as you requested.” Wilder turned to Drayton.

“You have to come back to Nevada. The Oregon and Alaska packs have merged. No werewolves or men are safe with that alliance especially us. I heard that Bane is planning something.”

“Who the hell is Bane and why should we have to worry about him? Aren’t you the Alpha over all of the packs?” Adrienne asks her hands making a grand gesture in the air and at the same time amusing herself at Wilder’s expense.

“His brother is the one Lycell killed for kidnapping you,” Wilder said focused straight on Adrienne. She lowered her head. She felt that she was to blame for that. She wouldn’t listen to Wilder just as she wouldn’t listen again in the future.

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