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Copyright © 2016 by Rachel E Rice

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Below read Chapter 1 of “Moon Tide.” Look for the novel by May 11, 2016.





Chapter 1


He didn’t feel like himself. A strange emotion came over him as he stood glued to the spot staring at Devin and Katie holding hands. Devin’s hand possessively clutching hers. Hunter’s blue eyes glaring into space seeing and not seeing them. Everything appeared out of focus.

Hunter’s depthless blue eyes following their every move.

The stark memories of her in his dreams, after he had been kicked and beaten in a cave in Alaska, gnawed at his insides. The only thing that kept him going were thoughts of seeing Katie and her wonderful smile. He just knew she would be waiting for him when he returned, and he would ask her to marry him. But instead she went on with her life.

Now he was thinking like a human, but he was no human anymore. He is a werewolf of the worse kind. The kind that could kill in cold blood. The kind that would kill his brother for one night to mate once more with the human he loved.

As Katie came into focus, Hunter sees the image of himself with Katie, but it’s not him it’s his twin brother Devine. He can’t process the body language, they are close, their smiles are too truthful for Hunter. They are gazing at each other as if they are in love. He senses the undeniable truth; they have been intimate. They have a special bond that they share with each other. It’s the same feeling he had for Katie when he first looked into her green eyes.

Devin wears the same gaze and Hunter’s mind tells him that she is devoted to Devin, or that she is in love with him, and no longer does she have the same feelings for him that he experienced so long ago. It felt like yesterday to Hunter, but it was indeed a long time ago. Two years.

It had been a harrowing two years to get home and to discover that the person he wanted the most, the person he dreamed of each night as he  lay on a cold cave floor, was no longer his to dream of.

He had been away too long his mind tells him.

He sees a difference in Katie’s face, she wears makeup. Her eyes hidden with dark mascara. When he first met her, her face was pale except for the natural blush of her pink cheeks. Her hair long then, and now it’s short. She wore a dress. This time she has on tight jeans.

It’s not because the season had changed when he first met her. Then it was spring and now it’s spring again.

Hunter’s senses speak to him. Devin and Katie have been intimate with each in ways he never experienced with her. Hunter smells Katie’s body as she moves in his direction to get a better look at him as she drags Devin with her because she can’t bear to let go of his hand.

Knowing that Devin has been with Katie in the most intimate ways, Hunter pushes himself away from his mother, from Adrienne’s arms, and in a flash he has Devin by the shoulders holding him off the floor. His arms are powerful. He could crush Devin if he wanted to. But where does this thought come from he questions.

Jealousy is a human emotion, his mind tells him.

At first Devin thinks this is a playful move until Hunter tosses an unsuspecting and confused Devin across the room. Hunter stands over him flashing his deadly teeth, his lips curled back, his blue eyes flashing, his breathing rushing fast and hard into the air. His chest moving in and out. His nostrils flaring.

Adrienne is stunned and her eyes grow wide and she’s shaking. She shouts at Hunter, “No. No. Don’t do it. He’s your brother.” Hunter calms at the voice of his mother, and he glances down at Devin, who appears to be lying unconscious in a corner.

“What’s wrong with you, Hunter?” Katie says. Her voice harsh, her forehead furrowed, and her eyes glowing with disproval as she rush to Devin’s side.

Hunter didn’t expect a cold reaction from Katie. He thought she would be there waiting for him, but instead she’s angry and bewildered at his attack on Devin. Doesn’t he know that Katie belongs to me? Hunter’s mind is telling him. Doesn’t she understand why I’m angry?

Devin lay unresponsive in the corner of the foyer as Adrienne kneels down to comfort him. Katie stands over Devin, “Are you alright,” Katie says. Her voice warm and caring. Hunter didn’t know what to make of her concerns for Devin. But it has become clear because her bitterness is hurled at him. Only him.

Katie looks up at Hunter, “Why did you do that?” She places Devin’s head on her lap after sitting in the corner looking over to Adrienne. Her eyes are begging Adrienne to do something. Adrienne hopes this is only a misunderstanding and the situation will go no further.

Still Devin doesn’t respond. His eyes are closed but his heart is beating. Adrienne checks his pulse and it’s strong. Her heart rests inside her body once more. She takes a long breath and close her eyes for a moment.

Adrienne knew why Hunter did what he did. And Drayton and Lycell knew as well, and that’s why when Drayton and Lycell heard and saw the disturbance, they did nothing.

Lycell said to Drayton, as they stood looking down from the second floor at the disruption Hunter had caused, “He’ll get over it. They’ll settle it and we’ll have peace here once more. Leave them alone and they’ll figure it out,” and Lycell hit Drayton on his left shoulder and they walked away.

Hunter paused a moment and calmed himself. He watched at his brother, he watched at a mirror in the foyer and saw his image glaring back at him. His eyebrows making a deep V in his forehead. His eyes narrow and peering at everyone in a threatening manner, except Adrienne. His mouth opened and curled back showing his deadly teeth. Seeing the fright in his mother’s eyes he stopped his menacing behavior.

Hunter struggled with his instincts and nature. He was a different werewolf now so much so that he didn’t recognize himself, and he didn’t know what to do about it.

It would take a lot to get over the idea that his brother had claimed his mate. The torment he had gone through had changed him into a fearless possessive werewolf, and he couldn’t turn back if he wanted to. It was as if he was a soldier who had returned from a war. He had done too much and seen too much to ever be the same again. His only hope was to try to live with himself.

He had gone down many roads and they all led back home and back to Katie.

Hunter couldn’t face another day without a touch of Katie’s warm flesh. After nights of living in a cave and being shot and kicked and beaten, the thought of Katie had kept him whole and kept his humanity intact and now this. His own brother had taken from him something more precious than his life. And his animalist instincts had kicked in, and he didn’t know how to keep them at bay.

The front door swung open with a bang and there stood Wilder, breathing heavily ready to attack. He had heard the ruckus, as he neared his ranch, returning from his journey home from the council meeting in Canada.

Wilder watched at Devin struggle to sit up. Katie and Adrienne stood, watching at the door, on hearing it open. Then Wilder spied Hunter. Wilder’s body relaxed. Wilder’s hand went to his mouth when he saw him. Wilder’s face showing quiet relief. “My son.” He made one step in Hunter’s direction and then realized that it was Hunter who was the cause of Devin lying on the floor.

“What is going on?” Wilder questioned with a demanding tone.

“Wilder,” Adrienne shouted and ran to him. “Your sons are…”

“I know,” Wilder said his eyes wavering between Devin and Hunter. He walked to Hunter and hugged him leaving Adrienne to check on Devin. Wilder waves at Katie and Adrienne to move away from Devin. Devin looks up at a stressed Katie and Adrienne.

“Leave us alone. We will sort this out,” Wilder says to everyone. He hands Devin his hand but Devin refuses and stands on his own.

Wilder turns to Hunter his voice is warm when he says, “Are you hungry?”


“Are you tired?”

“No,” Hunter says. His penetrating glare is on Devin, and Devin is looking up at Hunter with mixed feelings. His eyes asking why. Devin couldn’t fathom what had gotten into Hunter where he would use such brutality and force on him.

Devin would never fight Hunter, but clearly this is not the same brother he had known two years ago. Could he have changed that much? They look at each other eye to eye. They are maternal twins. The only difference in them now is that Hunter’s body is more muscular. They are the same height and their eyes are blue, but one has a look of peace, and the other  a look of war.

“I will not have my two sons in open battle under my roof.”

“Then maybe one of us should leave,” Hunter said.

“Surely you two can come to some conclusion about the human,” Wilder said. “It’s about the girl,” Wilder said positive in his assessment. He knew. What else could cause two werewolf brothers to quarrel and attack each other?  Hunter and Devin’s eyes waver back and forth at each other.

“Father, her name is Katie,” Devin said looking over to Wilder as he stood in the middle of his anxious sons.

“There can never be peace between us as long as he is with Katie,” Hunter said. “She is my mate. I was with her first,” his voice is low, husky and strong.

“As long as she agrees, we both can share her like father and our uncles,” Devin says, his voice light and agreeable, not understanding Hunter’s possessive nature.

“I’m not like my father. I will not share the future mother of my pups,” Hunter called out. His voice broke the silence in the house and the sound of pups crying echoed downstairs. Everyone looked around and at each other.

“That is the sound of our family and my pack, Hunter. It’s time you understood that there are things bigger than all of us and more important than who you mate with.” Wilder’s tone is commanding and impatient.

Devin moved closer to Hunter. Hunter’s hair stood on his arms. Wilder knew that this disagreement had to be settled and settled soon. Wilder walked into the center of two young werewolves ready to fight over one female.

“Did you not hear what I said?” Wilder’s eyes are meeting Hunter’s. “This can’t go on. I need you two. It’s a matter of life and death that we put this aside until later. We have more pressing and urgent problems than who fucked her first.”

Hunter raised an eyebrow at his father. “It’s something that concerns the both of you,” Wilder said his voice rising and falling. His tone objectionable. But who dared object?

“I have just come from a council meeting and there appears to be a hostile response to werewolves and shifters of all kind. There is so much I needed to explain to both of you as you were developing into yearlings. But that was taken away from me because of Bane kidnapping you and Adrienne,” Wilder said looking at Hunter with the concern of a father.

Hunter saw the worry in Wilder’s eyes. He wanted to ask why didn’t his father come for him, but he had too much respect. Hunter knew he must have had a good reason.

A concerned Devin watched around the room at Hunter and Wilder then he questioned, “What is it father?” Hunter’s steely blue eyes focused on Wilder but his mind was still on Katie and Devin. He stood thinking of nothing of what Wilder had said about the council meeting. “Does it have anything to do with the large population of shifters coming into Samsaville?” a troubled Devin asked.

Devin had a right to be concerned. It was because of him that shifters have invaded their small town.

Hunter knew nothing of what his father and Devin were talking about and he didn’t care. He had spent over a year in the wilds of Alaska fighting to stay alive and all he wanted to do was rest. All he wanted to hear was that Katie was his, and she had been waiting for him, longing for his return.

“Precisely. They are coming here because we are the only protection they have against the humans bent on destroying them. They have decimated wolves and werewolves in the forest in Alaska,” Wilder added. “These humans know little of the other shifters. They are just concerned about werewolves, but the bear shifters think they will discover that they exist, and they will be their next target because they have to hibernate.”

That caught Hunter’s attention. “What about Alaska?” Wilder turned to see Robert walking into the foyer.

“We need to discuss this in the library. Robert, I will need you too,” Wilder said.

A surprised Robert on hearing Wilder, turns to Hunter, “That girl  you brought here is very sick. She’s not a werefemale. She’s a  human.” Wilder’s blue eyes grew wide with alarm.

“The human population outside of Samsaville have declared war on shifters. Bringing her here is adding fuel to fire. They already think we’re kidnapping human women and raping and brainwashing them. Your mother’s parents spread that rumor when Adrienne refused to go back with them. I hope you have a good explanation for this,” Wilder said to Hunter.

“She’s only maybe fourteen or fifteen. She has no family that I know of. What would you have me do leave her to die?”

Wilder looked indifferent when Hunter raised the question. If it meant letting her die to protect his pack, then the answer would be clear to him as a leader.

Wilder had never been in love before until he met Hunter’s mother, Adrienne, and he would allow his brothers, Lycell and Drayton to marry her, and she would have all their pups to make sure the Samsa name would exist and flourish, and enough pups would be born if war were to break out.

There was no doubt in Wilder’s mind that war was coming.


The End of Chapter 1 Moon Tide book 6

Coming Soon: Moon Tide book 6.

Why not catch up and read books 1-4 in the box set for a low price. Then read book 5 Hunter’s Moon.


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