Excerpt from Moon Rapture Book 7


Chapter 1 of Moon Rapture Book 7 below. It’s coming in late July. Book 1 is free or .99 everywhere EBooks are sold. You can purchase the box set books 1-4 for a low price.

Warning: These books are for adults 18 and over. Copyright by Rachel E Rice on July 1, 2016. Enjoy!

Chapter 1 Moon Rapture 

It was so easy to lie in his arms, look into a pool of beautiful full eyes. Eyes that are filled with lust and desire. He turns on his side covering the back of her. The length of his flesh nudge against the sheer fabric, pushing and quivering into her warm body underneath the short silk nightie, then deepening into and penetrating into her soft skin.

His strong arms surrounding her making her feel safe and loved.

Her back leans in to him, she feels his lush soft fine hair which lines his muscular chest while traveling down covering his groin, brushing lightly against her sheer fabric when she writhes her buttocks against him. Each taut muscle resists her warm small figure, not giving way to her, because of his well-developed sturdy battle worn physique.

He moves closer and drapes his arms around her, smelling her hair making him forget that it felt like ages since she had been in his room, in his bed, in his arms surrendering herself to him. How he longed for her to be near. How he dreamed of the night when she would come to him and then lay on the side of him, and he would dip into her body, opening her, filling her. They would spend that night making love to each other.

She turned placing a gentle kiss on his chest. He looked down at her, sleep still in his eyes after he inhaled a whiff of her human scent, then giving her a closed smile, then kissing her, his long tongue mingling with hers, twisting in wild frenzy with her outward desire sending jolts of heat through him and wanton desire racing through her.

When Adrienne strolled into Lycell’s room at midnight, the moon shown bright and full, as he slept uneasy because of moon rapture. Adrienne found her way to the bed with only the light from that moon streaming in from the open shutters on the windows.

That was last night and instead of her leaving after he had caressed her body and made love to her, she stayed and made sure he was completely satisfied.

She had learned what each of her werewolves desired from her. It wasn’t a chore to give them what they needed. She enjoyed pleasing them. For once her satisfaction had been met and she no longer felt that there was something wrong with her because of her insatiable need for sex.

Lycell became a changed werewolf whenever Adrienne gave him the kind of affection and sexual gratification he favored. His nature dictated that unless he was attended to sexually, and often, then he felt unloved, and he might seek the attention he needed somewhere else.

Adrienne knew Lycell’s emotional state because until she met Wilder, Lycell, and Drayton, her three werewolves, she had lived with insecure feelings the entire time she was with her ex fiancé Paul.

In Paul’s case, it wasn’t just something she imagined, it was real.

In Lycell’s and Adrienne’s case, since she came into his life, he no longer felt unloved. And she no longer thought that something was wrong with her. Adrienne gave him no reason to believe he wasn’t the center of her universe. She had more than satisfied him even as she was being shared by Wilder and Drayton.

However, Adrienne had to please three werewolves, and there was only one of her, and they all came with their petty little jealousies and sexual appetites. Lycell had been the worst of them all. Adrienne giving him six male pups didn’t quell his jealous nature, but it did quiet it.

The jealousy wasn’t the only thing which served to make her life difficult. She had pups for all of the Samsa brothers. The suspicion of each other appeared to fade. At least it wasn’t as obvious as before.

During the full moon, Wilder and Drayton agreed to take Drayton and Adrienne’s young pup to the cave to teach him to hunt. This is the place she first met Wilder and first conceived Wilder’s sons, Hunter and Devin. They are full grown werewolves now and Adrienne thought now she can rest and enjoy her handsome men.

Devin had returned from his honeymoon and he had been busy with Katie and her pregnancy, and their new home.

Her first born, Hunter, had gone back to San Francisco to keep an eye on Haley and to protect her, and make sure she stayed in college. Or so Adrienne thought.

Lycell lay close to Adrienne, his face covered by a curtain of Adrienne’s long chestnut hair. He carefully pushed it to the side and whispered in her ear, “I love you, Adrienne. I never thought I could love a female so completely.” His voice warm and inviting steeped in desire.

Adrienne rolled and lay on her back. She stretched her arms over her head and gave out a satisfied smile after laying her legs over his long muscular thighs. He reached for her legs and trailed a finger up under her short sheer gown.

“When did you have time to dress in that?” he said flicking a finger up, raising the hem showing her naked bottom.

“When you were sleeping,” Adrienne said softly stretching like a pampered cat. Her voice soft and coy.

“I never sleep that sound,” he said raising both dark thick eyebrows.

“You can’t prove that by last night. Dogs were barking and your horses were nervous but there you lay naked and motionless with your eyes locked gently breathing.”

“You must be kidding me. I never do anything gently.” He gave her a wink and a twisted wicked smile. He repeated, you are kidding, aren’t you?” Werewolves never sleep soundly especially when there is a threat and enemies are everywhere. But Lycell did that night.

“One of the workmen took care of the animals, and he searched the grounds.”

Lycell lifted his body and leaned over her holding her arms above her head. His long hard length brushing her legs, his body weightless over her. He’s smiling at her and she can’t resist that charming smirk hiding behind the dark deadly seductive werewolf stare.

“I see you are your same horny self, Lycell.” She reached over and felt him. He was hard and wanting her. “What is it this morning, my big bad wolf?”

“Better to eat you,” Lycell said as he raised an eyebrow, extended his hand underneath her nightie. It’s moving down to where her body is wet and aches for him, his finger touches and dips into her throbbing flesh. He shoots Adrienne a wide white smile that covers his handsome face. His dark eyes gleaming at the thought of being inside of her.

A face not unlike his brothers. A face as handsome as any good looking man who captures women’s hearts and carries away their bodies and souls with one look and one smile.

A face that wears battle wounds, but those scars only made him more handsome.

She placed one finger on the mark, tracing it from his cheek down his neck to his shoulder. It was the scar a bear’s claws carved into him on his attempt to rescue her from Bane.

She leaned and kissed the wound across his chest which Bane’s brother made when he stole her one night intending to mate with her.

She had been in jeopardy from the day she met the Samsa werewolves, but she had also been happy with them.

As Lycell kept Adrienne captured and his flesh swelled with the hunger that the full moon brings, a loud knock and then a banging came to the door. “What is it?” Lycell shouted his voice impatient.

“Father, is mother in there?”

“Yes of course.” Lycell’s tone irritable.

“Can I come in? It’s important?” Lycell turned to Adrienne saying something under his breath.

“Tell him yes. He sounds as if he’s out of breath,” Adrienne said, “It must be important.”

“What do you want, Damon? Can’t you tell me without you coming in and disturbing me and your mother?”

“It’s Thorn, father.”

“What now?” Lycell said closing his eyes and huffing out a large breath. His voice sounding frustrated. “For heaven’s sake.” Lycell jumped to his feet reaching for his robe. He turned to Adrienne, but she was up and headed for the restroom.

The door made a loud clicking noise as the locks came undone. Lycell opened the door. “Well don’t stand there. You’ve managed to disturbed me and your mother. What is it?”

Damon stood facing his father. His eyes a bright green like Adrienne’s, but his looks all of his father. Tall dark haired stunning good looks. “What about Thorn,” Lycell said pacing around the room throwing the comforter back on the bed along with the pillows and a sheet.

“You have to come to our apartment. Thorn is in trouble.” Damon paused and lowered his eyes. “We’re in trouble. I think he…we may have injured a couple of shifters. That is too mild a word,” Damon admits. He paused and rolled his fist to his mouth, punching it twice.

“Get on with it, Damon.” Lycell is impatient at the display of Damon’s nervousness.

We were partying at that club in Samsaville, and the shifter’s girls wanted to follow us home, and their shifter boyfriends became angry when we said do you know who we are. We didn’t pay any attention to the shifters. We thought once we said that, they knew who we were, and would back off, but they followed us back to the apartment,” Damon said raising his voice.

“As I recall that apartment belongs to Hunter. I don’t remember him telling you, that you can have parties there. He’s due back from San Francisco anytime. And it was your mother’s express wishes that none of you go out on your own unless you go to college. And since you and Thorn were the only ones that refused to go, I forbade you to stay more than one night in Hunter’s apartment.”

“It hasn’t been but half the night.”

“That’s beside the point, Damon. You are worrying your mother to death. Me, I know what a young werewolf is capable of doing. Who are these two shifters?”

“They were carrying identification on them. They are from San Francisco. They are brothers. Their last name is Anderson. Thorn and I searched their torn clothes after the fight.” Lycell’s expression changed. He knew the name.

“Where are the girls?” he said impatiently strumming his hand on the nearby chair.

“They had already gone after…” Damon looked up to see his mother standing in the doorway from the bathroom looking disapprovingly at him. His eyes fell to the floor.

“Look at me. Not at your mother or the floor. After you two f…” Lycell remembered Adrienne standing and cut the word short, “had your fill of the girls you sent them home, right?”

“That’s right, father.” Damon felt uncomfortable talking with his mother standing there looking at him. No werewolf wants to admit in front of his mother that he fucked a woman and had her suck his dick, and Lycell knew this.

“Wait for me downstairs.”

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