Rachel E Rice’s Insatiable series Book 8 “Tracker” Available first week in September

The heat is rising in my werewolf books and I can’t put out the fire. If you don’t want to read the hottest sex scenes ever, and lots of love and adventure, then don’t go near my latest shifter book in the Insatiable series, “Tracker.”

When the powerful and arrogant young werewolf shifter, Tracker Samsa is forced into an arranged marriage by his parents, he rejects the idea of anyone controlling his life because he’s not interested in marrying a werefemale.   

Tracker wants to follow his heart because he desires a human. Attracted to only human females can lead to trouble, and Tracker draws hot, dangerous, wild females to him like a bear to honey because they can give him what he craves during the full moon. He can’t see the dangers of being with the human until it’s too late.Will the werefemale find a way to win Tracker’s heart even when she knows he doesn’t want her?

The lessons Tracker will learn in the world of men will stay with him a long time.

If you don’t mind getting close to the fire, you can pick up book 8 in September. Book 1 is free. Look for a low price for Books 2-3.  Books 5-6 is still selling for 2.99 everywhere if you would like to catch up on the series. Remember these books are for adults 18 and over. Coming Soon: “Thorn.”


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