A Bride for A Werewolf: The Beginning


Harper Samsa just discovered he’s a werewolf, and “No one will want to marry you, even if you’re rich,” he tells himself. “What kind of woman would marry a man, no not a man, a werewolf and discover he’s hiding a dark secret?” He roams at night hunting and killing his food, and what he craves when the moon is full, is obscene.

What woman would marry him, knowing he has an insatiable appetite for raw flesh, and a ravenous nature which he seeks to satisfy when the moon is full?

Emily is twenty one and she’s single and doesn’t date. And the way it’s looking, she may never.

When she answers an ad in the local papers to work as a domestic in Harper Samsa’s home, she’s homeless and desperate.

When Harper’s lawyer interviews her as a potential mate for Harper, she tells the lawyer to get lost. She’s not that desperate, that is until she sees his striking blue eyes and handsome face.

If Emily refuses to marry Harper, he has but one choice.

This is the prequel to the ten book Insatiable werewolf series, which will be revealed in three parts.


If you are fan of my Insatiable Werewolf series, then I have a treat for you. “A Bride for A Werewolf” will be available soon. However, it will be in the Amazon library and not available at all vendors. I hope to make it available everywhere later.

It’s important to note that once the book is in Amazon’s library, I can provide only 10% of the book to my readers. This is a short story with three parts.

Remember my books are for matured Adults 18 and over.


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