Science Fiction Fantasy Alien Romance Coming Soon!

I am launching a new series under a new pen name: Rylee Davis. Look for the short story which will introduce you to the characters and back story to the Alien Romance Star Splitters.

If you enjoy Science Fiction with space travel, aliens, humans, and artificial intelligence from worlds outside of Earth’s galaxy, and lots of Romance aboard The Star Splitter, and beyond, then  you will get all of that and more when this series is published.

I will provide a link where you can get the free introductory copy to “Star Splitter (Book a)” Moreover, Book 1 of Star Splitter Alien Romance will be published in September”, 2017. Remember, like Rachel E Rice’s books, Rylee Davis’s books are for adults 18 and over.

Short Story: Star Splitter The Chronicles of  Dorian Coming Soon! I will notify you when you can download a free copy from Instafreebie in mobi, PDF, or epub. Enjoy!

Rylee Davis.jpg alien romance star splitter

Star Splitter.jpg the beginning Rylee Davis

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