A New Vampire Series Published

There are three books in my latest Vampire series “I Am The Night.” The first book you can get it for free at : Instafreebie. Give a review if you enjoyed it and go on to the next books. You won’t be disappointed.  For book 1 click on : Amazon where the price is 0.99 on  Google  and D2D for all the vendors (Apple, Barnes and Noble, KoboSmashwords and Amazon. Below is an excerpt from book 3. Enjoy. Remember I write hot romance for adults 18 and over. There are characters from my werewolf series in these books. Enjoy! New covers below.

Book 1 “I Am The Night”          Book 2 ” I Am First Night       Book 3 “I Am Last Night”

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Book 3 “I Am Last Night” by Rachel E Rice

Copyright 2018

When Lycell made the unavoidable decision to approach the vampire sleeping soundly in Lycell’s cellar, he stepped cautiously down the first step leading to bottom of the dark stairway, holding something shiny in his hand. A bright light illuminated the background where Lycell stood. He had left the door opened behind him. Not to run because there was no running from a vampire, and a werewolf such as Lycell wouldn’t consider it.

The light from the kitchen cast a glow on what Lycell held tightly in his hand.

Feeling embolden and sure that he could handle anything Jovani would do, Lycell spoke into the darkness of the cellar, and his words reached Jovani’s ears before they bounced off the walls.

“Do you know what this is Night crawler?” Lycell’s voice and words harsh, offensive, and strong. Jovani’s eyes flickered, opened, and glanced up in surprise. He didn’t expect to be awakened. Not this soon especially since he had enjoyed the peace of his sleep. He had forgotten where he lay because of the euphoria of Hannah’s body resting on top of his.

Jovani fell into a dream state and thought that Hannah’s heart beat on his chest, as she lay sleeping was his because their bodies felt as one. But there were no truth in his dreams and thoughts. He was immortal and dead, she was mortal and alive and the only heart beat came from her his beloved.

Jovani had forgotten he had no heart beat. Only one person could relax him into that state and it was—Hannah. She would be his undoing thought Lycell as he looked at Jovani careful not to wake Hannah while holding her lovingly to his chest as he tried to sit up and gather his thoughts.

Lycell had his chance to rid the world of this vampire. He wouldn’t get another chance. But there was one problem.

Jovani furrowed his forehead at the sound of Lycell’s words and voice. Not so much at the sound, but of what his words implied, and that Lycell had caught him unprepared for a fight and with a werewolf and vampire there would be some kind of combat, whether it was for dominance in a world of earthly and unearthly creatures, other than mankind, or one where there was a need to establish control and power over the other.

Turning his head in a quick motion to see where the ominous voice had originated, while still holding on to Hannah as she slept soundly on his chest, Jovani answered after seeing Lycell standing in a fighting position, shirtless, legs wide and ready at any second to shift into a werewolf.

Jovani calmed and said, “You have a linked chain and if I’m not mistaken by the shine of it, you made it out of silver.”

“That’s correct. And I will ask you again, where’s my son? Where’s Justin?”

“I don’t know where he is?” Jovani said objectively as he lay his back flat on the bed one arm holding Hannah.

“That’s the wrong answer.” Before Lycell took the next step, Jovani swirled around, without disturbing Hannah, and was on his feet while Hannah slept unknowing of what was about to occur.

“You weren’t a match for me then, and you aren’t one now. And you have a human you want to protect. So while you’re chasing me around my house, you will soon discover that it’s still daylight. And where does that leave you,” Lycell said meeting Jovani’s blue eyes with his dark eyes.

Lycell’s voice heavy and ruthless as he pounded his words between his sharp teeth.

“The answer is where does that leave you? If you manage to kill me you will never find your son. You need me for that.” Jovani’s voice held strong but it was more of a deterrent than strength.

Jovani still a young vampire knew that Lycell was right. He was no match for a full grown werewolf who had been battle tested in many ways. Lycell had clashed with men, and wolves, and fought lion shifters and won. Jovani knew he couldn’t allow Lycell to overpower him.

If it was daylight, Lycell didn’t have to wake him and make a big pronouncement, he could have walked up to him and placed a stake in Jovani’s heart, or burn the house down if he wanted. But somehow he didn’t want to do that, at least, not yet. Lycell’s only concern at this moment was Justin, and Jovani knew it.

“I don’t need you for anything. All I want is a satisfactory answer,” Lycell said. Then why didn’t Lycell kill him? He had his chance, Jovani thought. Then he must need him.

“I gave it to you. You weren’t satisfied, so get on with what you’re planning to do me.”

“It’s not just you anymore. If you don’t help me find my son, then I will be forced to kill you and that girl you have inadvertently involved in your sordid existence. You don’t have the courage to make her one like you. But then how can you, when you have a wife already?”

“Why are we discussing my…” Jovani’s hands fisted at the thought of Sasha his vampire mate.

“See what I mean. You don’t deny it,” Lycell said holding on to the chain ready to lob it in Jovani’s direction if he made the wrong move.

“If you came to kill me then try because if you don’t, and from what I read in the papers, you’re married and very much in love. That’s your weakness,” Jovani said. “The weakness of my love for Hannah that you’ve cast a spotlight on is yours as well. Adrienne, I think that’s her name. The mother to so many werewolves including Justin, they will miss her sorely, as well as your brothers and especially, Wilder.” Jovani’s voice vindictive and piercing cutting through Lycell like a diamond drill.

Lycell flinched and a chill soared through him making the hair on his neck stand. The thought that Jovani knew so much about his family caused Lycell to think about what he was attempting and if he didn’t kill Jovani, Adrienne would die by Jovani’s hands, or worse, he could make her one of his undead concubines.

The vampire and the werewolf stood in front of each other assessing their strengths and weakness and what they could afford to lose.

When Lycell first met Jovani in the Middle East, Jovani had been roaming from village to village among the spoils of war taking souls to add to his army of the undead.

“How did your dead army work out for you?” Jovani raised an eyebrow. That too was a sore point.

“That was then. I’m no longer surviving on human blood. I’ve discovered that I can exist well with the animal blood in the nearby forest. So that would make me like you.” Jovani showed a hurried closed smile.

“You will never be like me,” Lycell’s cold voice cut through the silence. “I hunt animals for food, and never pursue humans unless they threatened my packs existence. Never,” he emphasized, “have I taste human blood for pleasure, but to defend myself and my kind. You’re like men only worse,” Lycell added, his voice filled with disgust, “because you kill indiscriminately and you don’t have a soul and you never will.”

“You’re not my judge, Lycell, and you will not be my executioner.” Jovani’s motion in Lycell’s direction had been faster than Lycell realized, yet Lycell stayed firm and stepped down another step to meet Jovani.

Lycell no longer on the high ground but eyeing Jovani and both searching for a weakness.

As Lycell looked past Jovani, he pointed to Hannah, as the chain made a clanging sound against the cement floor.

Lycell pointed and said, “Marrying that innocent young woman will not make you human again. Well,” he said with a raised eyebrow and a closed smirk glancing at her lying half naked. “She’s not so innocent anymore,” Lycell murmured with disdain and an insulting tone that wasn’t lost on Jovani.


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