Excerpt From: “Hunter’s Moon” Book 5


Book 5 “Hunter’s Moon”                                        Book 6 “Moon Tide” Coming Soon

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Hunter’s Moon book 5 is the continuation from the Insatiable Series. Try the first in the series (Insatiable: The Lone Werewolf Finds His Mate) for Free. Enjoy! All books are for adults 18 and over. Books 1-5 can be found at ITunes, Barnes and Noble, Amazon,    Smashwords  AllRomanceKobo, and your favorite book vendors by March 30, 2016.

Excerpt Below: “Hunter’s Moon” is on pre-order. I hope you enjoy it. Please leave a review.

Chapter 1


An uneasy feeling crept over Adrienne snuggling close to Wilder. Her head lay on Wilder’s amazing wide warm chest. Holding on to his large muscular arms pulling them close, she lay in the shelter of his love. Feeling secure, Adrienne let out a satisfied sigh.

Her restless body moved around tugging his arms for reassurance. Wilder responded to her by holding her tight. His passionate body merged into hers carrying warmth and security to her body. The nightmare is over, she thought. But what could be wrong? She was wrapped securely in Wilder’s arms but her mind was a hostage of Bane even as she slept under Wilder’s protection.

Her subconscious signaled that something was dreadfully wrong. She thought she heard her children calling out her name in her sleep. It sounds like Hunter, her mind said. A mother knows her children’s voices and cries. It was Hunter not Devin. She moved closer to Wilder trying to get the reassurance of his body that she was safe, and her children were safe, and it was only a dream occupying her unconscious mind.

Adrienne’s agitated movements didn’t wake Wilder, and she couldn’t come from under her nightmarish dream.

The moon light flowed through the curtains as Wilder held Adrienne tight in his arms falling into a deep sleep. It had been a week since he slept. Over a week since he slept soundly. He had been tortured by the thought of what Bane had done to Adrienne. It had taken Wilder too long to rescue her.

Feeling the warmth of her body caused Wilder to relax. She was near and he’s aware that she’s safe in his arms. There is no reason for him to fear anything. He had finally rescued Adrienne from Bane, and she and Wilder were far away hidden into the interior of the dense forest of Nevada.

With Wilder’s head lowered to her hair, he sniffed nothing but Adrienne’s scent drowning out the odor of wild animals, and the tall pine trees twisting in the wind.

He smelled the fragrance of her skin. The aroma of fresh flowers found in the meadow of his ranch, but now found in the soap she used to clean her body, before and after they made love.

Her scent reminded him of when he was a child and his mother would bring fresh roses cut from her gardens into the ranch. He remembered when he first learned that the beautiful roses had thorns. A lesson taught to him by the beautiful roses and by his beautiful mate.   Wilder didn’t see, hear, or smell anything unfamiliar when Bane crept into the house and stood over him.

Bane watched at Adrienne as she embraced Wilder. Bane watched at her naked on Wilder’s chest; their bodies as one. Adrienne thrashed about, pulling and tugging at Wilder, not knowing why she felt so uncomfortable. But Wilder just held her close and never opened his eyes. Exhaustion from the hunt for her and Bane, and worrying about Lycell and Drayton had consumed all his energy, and when he needed it the most, he couldn’t gather it to save his life. Bane stood silent and motionless trying to decide what to do next.

Before he met Adrienne he would have killed Wilder as he slept, made Adrienne pregnant with his pups, used her up, and give her to the betas to do as they pleased, but he had changed. It was Adrienne who had changed him. Bane knew if he would slay Wilder in front of her, he could never have her the way he wanted.

So Bane stood at the foot of their bed, holding his breath, watching at them with the pain of a jealous lover.

He wanted to rip Adrienne from Wilder’s arms, but he would have to kill him first. That would have been the easiest thing to do. Yet he stood over them thinking about the consequences of his actions. He could have killed them both if it wasn’t for his desire to have Adrienne. He decided that he would wait.

Furthermore, killing Wilder as he slept wasn’t good sport. It was like hunting a sick animal. There was no pleasure in fighting a tired exhausted Wilder. Bane had his own time line and plans for him later when Adrienne wasn’t around to witness Wilder’s slaughter.

Bane had to admit to himself that he had fallen in love with Adrienne. He had never been in love especially with a human. He looked on them as a necessary distraction when he became tired of werefemales. Then he would travel to a nearby town and pick out a willing human female who enjoyed being fucked when he was in werewolf form. She would know the score and she was willing to take his large cock as he took her the way he wanted—down on all fours. But now he wanted something more from this human female lying on the bed. He wanted a family like the Samsas, and he wanted it with Adrienne.

To slaughter Wilder with Adrienne looking on, he could never have her the way he desired–having his pups and loving him. This is a dream for a man, is his first thought. Now he wanted to embrace that human part of him.

But Bane is a werewolf and shifter; no matter how much he wanted to be a man, his wild nature would call to him. He didn’t realize this when he first thought like a man.

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