Excerpt From Rachel E Rice’s Werewolf book “Thorn”

This excerpt is chapter 1 from Book 8 “Thorn” in the Insatiable Werewolf series which will be published in October, 2016. You can buy book 7 “Tracker” everywhere. If you are new to the Insatiable series, pick up the first one for free at Instafreebie or Amazon and most places where Ebooks are sold. Rachel E Rice’s books are for matured adults 18 and over. Enjoy. Copyright by Rachel E Rice 2016.


Chapter 1


Tracker had been trolling the beach at night unable to sleep. Restless. Too many nights and days doing nothing more than standing looking up at the moon and picking up women. Then listening to them moan with pleasure of having rough sex. And complain about how their men weren’t able to satisfy them in the way Tracker could. A few of his pickups didn’t want to leave him, but he pushed them out, and brought in another, and another, and by the weeks end, he was bored and restless again. It was then he made up his mind to leave—alone.

Tracker opened the door to Thorn and Zoey’s room in the resort suite he and Thorn had rented in San Diego for a week. Their rooms filled with expensive dark wicker furniture and white cushions, the kind you find in Hawaii or the islands, in a fancy hotel. Floral colors of green, pink, beige, and purple. The walls covered with ornate wall paper of beige and large green leaves.

Colors females loved and males detested. In the corner facing an ornamental fireplace, velvet chairs and a green velvet sofa sat facing a large Sony flat screen, which hung over the fireplace mantle.

The sheer curtains opened up to a patio where Zoey, Thorn, and Tracker sat in the evenings and watched the sun burst of orange and yellow as if disappearing into the Pacific Ocean. This was Zoey’s idea of a fun time. For Tracker it was pure hell. But then it wasn’t about Tracker anymore it was what Thorn wanted, and Thorn wanted whatever Zoey wanted.

After dinner and in the dark and star filled sky, Zoey stripped of her scant clothing, a sheer dress with no bra and underwear. She scurried down the stairs, on to the beach, and into the water, oblivious of who was watching, and who was standing on their balcony taking in the beautiful naked form of a young blond woman disappearing into the surf.

Tracker watched at her on most nights when he wasn’t taking a woman on all fours on the floor. He watched as Thorn and Zoey frolicked in the water and then go out for a swim.

At the beginning Tracker appeared to be bothered knowing he had turned her away when she was eager to be part of a threesome, and Thorn had wanted to share her to please his brother, and his Alpha. But he took his frustrations out on the next woman banging on his door to be next in line to be fucked by him.

Knowing how much Thorn craved and needed Zoey, Tracker couldn’t deny him the love he sought and finally found with her. Tracker didn’t love Zoey and he could never be true to her. He would break her heart as he had done with Saadia.

There was something empty inside he had to fill.

The purpose of stopping before they went on to Mexico was to give Zoey a rest. Relaxing on the sand and swimming was what all of them needed. Well not Tracker. He needed to be on the road in the forest chasing down animals and fucking women. The first of the month and the moon would be full held sway over him because he hadn’t wanted to control himself. He rejoiced in that wild animal part in him, which the moon brought about. He needed to be on the road riding his Harley to keep from thinking about Saadia or Zoey.

A slight early morning breeze blew in from the Pacific straining the beige sheer curtains sending them fluttering in the breeze and forcing the sheet back, which covered the two naked bodies as they lay entwined.

Zoey’s small curvy legs lay over Thorn’s and she had her head lying on his chest with his large left hand planted between her legs, and the other holding her to him.

Tracker took in all of Zoey’s exposed nude body and he made a low grunt. And then another. He thought of their time together. The moan coming from deep inside him, but it didn’t wake the two who appeared to be sleeping soundly. Tracker’s eyes swept over her body. The sun streamed in giving her an even golden sheen, where the sun had baked her and her body brown, and her hair more blond than usual. It had been the heat of the sun and the cool of the nights that had given her a beautiful sensational tan.

She turned facing Tracker her eyes shut tight, still sleeping, and like a choreographed dance, Thorn turned evenly with her. His large cock searching for her buttocks and then finding them. And in his sleep he gave out a moan of pleasure. It was as if searching for a treasure and then finding it.

His hands fell over her and settle on her breasts and he unconsciously cupped them.

Tracker stood watching the two of them together, and longing for Zoey. He felt a desire creep into him and settle inside. That feeling wasn’t for her, but for the animalistic desires he once held for her.

The pleasure of seeing her body once more, his thoughts fell to the desire that he received from his length dipping into her soft flesh, into her opening, and how it had entered effortlessly.  The pleasure he received from her could only be hid by what he felt for Saadia’s body. At the time before Saadia, he longed for the feeling he got from Zoey, and how once he was in her, his length vibrated with excitement and how moist she had been with one touch.

Zoey could have been the mate he would want if he didn’t want someone and something else. And Thorn hadn’t fallen madly in love with her.

He observed Thorn and Zoey for a while as her butt backed up to Thorn, his arm covering her and both of them sleeping silent and still unaware that someone is standing there watching them.

Zoey was a distraction to Thorn as she had been to him, but more so with Thorn because he loved her, and he would be blind to anything said about her, so Tracker held his opinions.

Tracker thought about warning Thorn not to be too distracted and blinded by his love for her. He wanted to warn Thorn that because Zoey was a desirable human, in the world of men, he could have many problems with men wanting to be with her and trying to take her from him. But Tracker knew Thorn wouldn’t listen, and he didn’t want to waste his words, nor did he want to lose the love of his brother.

The way their bodies were intertwined and the way Thorn held Zoey to him with one hand cupping her breasts, and the other hand between her legs, the pad of his finger unconsciously massaging her, no air could come between them and certainly no brother could either. They were one now.

It was a realization that Zoey and Thorn had become more than just bodies to one another when that’s all she had been to him. There had never been a time when she had been an individual, a female with a face where he could look into it without feeling that she was only someone to serve his need during the time of the full moon. A faceless body that he could take and have when the time of the moon dictated.

It wasn’t that way with Saadia. He dreamed of her and saw her face in everything he did on every woman he saw walking the beach. On every woman he met and took to bed in the few days they had been at that resort.

Unconsciously he then realized that he wanted Saadia. He needed her. But she had betrayed him when she chose to conceal her identity and conceal her scent. It became impossible for him to forget her duplicity. Tracker wondered what other things she had kept from him. Did her family know of her ways and were they in on it?

He had heard his father, Lycell, tell of werefemales who possessed unusual abilities to change their face and bodies and have supernatural powers. But she didn’t change her face. He saw the same innocent looking face he had seen in high school, but because he hadn’t thought of her or saw her since she became of age, he didn’t recognize Saadia in the dim light of the club.

And because she appeared different in her dress and behavior, he was unable to distinguish her from that scared young girl who told all her classmates she had been promised to Tracker, the most eligible werewolf shifter in Samsaville.

Her body had changed and she wore tight jeans over her curvy body and developed breasts. Because now she was a full grown werefemale and she had changed in her looks and dress, and he wasn’t able to recognize that innocent shy werefemale from his high school days.

It was something that caused Thorn to feel the presence of another being standing near his bed watching attentively. Maybe it was the change in temperature, or the wind, or the sunlight.

Thorn’s eyes opened. He didn’t jump or conceal himself or Zoey. There was no use because Tracker had seen and done more to her than he had ever thought of undertaking.

“What are you doing standing there dressed in your leathers?” He didn’t wait for Tracker to answer. “I thought we all could go for a swim today and have dinner with the humans. Zoey would like that.”

“Not today.” Tracker’s voice unusually quiet. He didn’t meet Thorn’s eyes which wasn’t typical Tracker.

“I’m going to leave you two and go on to Mexico and rent a villa for us. I think Zoey could use a little more rest. And you don’t need me around.” Tracker shot Thorn a small closed smile. When she heard her name on Tracker’s lips, Zoey smiled in her sleep and gave a small inhale and exhale.

Thorn turned and watched at Zoey lying on her back, her breasts uplifted, her nipples hard from the cool breeze blowing in through the patio door, then she slowly turned to face Thorn, and reached for him, and draped her arm on Thorn’s chest.

Her buttocks prominent in Tracker’s view. He looked up in Tracker’s face where he saw remorse, desire, and arousal, and Thorn reached for a sheet and spread it over her body covering her from the hungry eyes of Tracker.

“I think you’re right. We need more time together and you need to be alone to decide what it is you want to do. Whatever you choose I will go along with you. If you want to just turn around and go back to Samsaville and marry Saadia then I will do that too. We could have a double wedding.” Thorn smiled in his playful naïve way. One eyebrow raising and his eyes showing bright and thoughtful.

“Let’s not get ahead of yourself. If you want to marry Zoey then do so. I suggest you do it before you bring her back to Samsaville. You know father.”

Thorn knew his father only too well. But a wedding would be out of the question because by now the reports of Beau’s death had to be front page news. And since Zoey went missing at the same time Beau had been killed by a large wolf, and a shotgun wielded by his uncle to ward of the wolf attack, it would be very risky for her if she showed up now to get married to Thorn legally.

Tracker assumed that is what Thorn meant to do with Zoey. Marry her at a justice of the peace. After all she was human and had the desires of most women. And Thorn being inexperienced and in love would try his best to satisfy Zoey no matter what the cost.
The End of Chapter 1

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